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WOMANS AND GIRLS HOME INTERNATIONALS - Wooden spoon for Girls' team but Women win first title since 2010

The Scotland team won the Women's Home Internationals title at Ballybunion Golf Club on Friday 10th August. The victory, beating England and Ireland on a countback, was Scotland’s first title win since 2010.

Although beaten by England on day two, by 5 – 4, Scotland bounced back on the final day to beat defending champions Ireland by 6 – 3 to leave them joined by England and Ireland in winning two from three matches, but crucially Scotland won on the countback with 16.5 games won to England's 15.5 and Ireland's 15.5 

Connie Jaffrey (Troon Ladies) took 1.5 points from 2 on the final day, whilst Hazel McGarvie (Troon Ladies) won her foursomes tie but lost her singles to take one point from two.

Match details:-



H McCook and S McWilliam beat P Grant and L Walsh by 2 holes
E Briggs and C. Jaffrey halved with J Ross and S Burke
C Goadby and H MacGarvie beat A Wilson and M Martin by 3&2

Singles: (3.5. -2.5)
McCook beat Walsh by 6&5
McWilliam lost to Martin by 7&6
McGarvie lost to Wilson by 5&3
Goadby beat Burke by 3&2
Jaffrey beat Ross by 4&3
G Batty halved with Grant

On the penultimate day, the foursomes was lost 2.5 – 0.5, with McGarvie contributing the half match with her partner Chloe Goadby and Jaffrey losing out in her foursomes.

In the singles, both McGarvie and Jaffrey won their ties on the final green.

Match details from day 2:-


Foursomes (0.5-2.5)

H McCook and S McWilliam lost to L M Humphreys and L Bailey by 2&1
C Goadby and H MacGarvie halved with I Clyburn and G Blackman
E Briggs and C Jaffrey lost to H Muse and S Fuller by 3&2

Singles (3.5-2.5)

McCook beat Fuller by 4&3
McWilliam halved with Clyburn
McGarvie beat Muse by 1 hole
G Batty lost to N Slater by 2&1
Jaffrey beat Humphreys by 1 hole
Briggs lost to Bailey 2&1

In the girls matches, Scotland were beaten 5.5 – 3.5 by Ireland on the final day and finished in fourth place behind winners England.

Louise Duncan (West Kilbride) lost both her foursomes and singles on Friday.

Match details:-


Foursomes (2-1)

L Duncan and H Darling lost to V Clancy and B Coulter by 2&1
C Neilson and C Griffiths beat K Lanigan and A Foster by 3&2
J Rankine and I Brodie beat N Joyce-Moreno and A Donegan by 6&4

Singles (1.5-4.5)  
Darling beat S Byrne by 5&4
Griffiths lost to Clancy by 5&4
Duncan lost to Coulter by 3&2
McClymont lost to Donegan by 1 hole.
Brodie lost to Foster by 4&3
Rankine halved with Lanigan
On the penultimate day on Thursday, Scotland lost out to England by 7 – 2.

Louise Duncan (West Kilbride) lost both her foursomes and singles ties on the penultimate day of competition.

Match details


Foursomes (0-3)
K Brodie and C Neilson lost to C Whitehead and A Williamson by 4&3
C Griffiths and L McClymont lost to H Screen and M Lewis by 6&4
H Darling and L Duncan lost to E Lewis and E Rhodes by 5&3

Singles (2-4)

Louise Duncan lost to Whithead by 2&1
Carmen Griffiths lost to Williamson by 1 hole
Hannah Darling beat M Lewis by 1 hole.
Jennifer Rankine beat E Lewis by 3&2
Kirsty Brodie lost to C Heath by 4&2
Cameron Neilson lost to Rhodes by 5&4

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