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THE WAY THEY WERE - Cammie Gibson & the 'missing' cap

From the website

W C (Cammie), one of the most successful of Ayrshire's golfing sons, died in 1995 but and Ayrshire Golf Association secretary Alasdair Malcolm are of the same mind in that it's not too late for the Scottish Golf Union handbook to get Cammie's Scotland international appearances listed correctly (no criticism of the present staff intended).
Cammie played in the Men's Home Internationals of 1950 at Royal St David's GC, Harlech in Wales, after he beat David Blair, Scottish boy champion in 1935 and Walker Cup player of 1955 and 1961, by 2 and 1 in the final of the Scottish amateur championship at a course Cammy knew very well - Prestwick.
He also played in the following year's (1951) Home Internationals at Royal Lytham, where Scotland and Ireland shared the title, but, for some unexplained reason, every other member of the Scotland team that year is credited with a cap for 1951 in the SGU handbook - but not Cammie Gibson.

That was the second bit of bad luck in Cammie's golfing career.

He reached the semi-finals of the Scottish amateur championship in 1939 and was selected to play in the home internationals at Royal Lytham - but they were cancelled, alongwith every other major sporting event, when World War II was declared by Britain on Germany in September 1939.

Alongwith many fine golfers, and other sportsmen, Cammie Gibson "lost" the next six years when he would have been at his golfing peak and who knows what he might have achieved in the golfing world in the 1940s in normal circumstances.

Cammie Gibson is pictured below in his playing days.
Alasdair Malcolm writes:
"Cammie's home club was Prestwick St Cuthbert when he won the Scottish in 1950. He was made an honorary member of St Cuthbert in 1939 after his bronze medal performance in the same event.
"He also became a member of Prestwick St Nicholas, playing his golf there in later years.
"Interestingly, when he won the Scottish at Prestwick in 1950, Prestwick Town Council had an exact copy of the championship trophy in miniature made for him. This stands about eight inches high and is on permanent loan to St Cuthbert, along with his championship medals.
"I took a photograph of the miniature copy, next to its 'big brother,' the last time the Scottish Amateur was at Prestwick (Alasdair Malcolm also took a picture of Cammie with the miniature and that's it at the top of this article).
"You may be interested to know that Cammie's brother was a well known professional in America, who played in the US Open and Masters tournaments and was a playing contemporary of the likes of Sam Snead and Tony Penna.
"Andy Gibson began his career on the other side of the Atlantic as professional at Baltimore County GC but he moved on to The Country Club, Maryland where he was pro for over 25 years.
"Cammie passed away in 1995 and brother Andy died only a few months later."

"A picture from 1994 when Cammie Gibson presented his golfing medals on permanent loan to Prestwick St Cuthbert, writes Alasdair Malcolm.
"The frame of medals include his Scottish Amateur championship bronze (1939) and gold (1950) medals and a medal from the 10th Boys International in 1932 between Scotland and England which was played at Royal Lytham St Annes.
"Interesting to note that the 1939 Scottish Amateur Championship was apparently the first one that Cammie entered, where he won bronze, and his next appearance in the championship was 1950 when he won gold.
"His next appearance was in 1951 at St Andrews, as defending champion, when he went all the way to the quarter finals before losing out to WD (Dick) Smith, a Prestwick member who famously played in the Walker Cup against a young Jack Nicklaus. I am not aware of Cammie taking part in the Scottish Amateur again after this, so not a bad record for three entries - quarter-finalist, semi-finalist and champion!
"As to the question why the Scottish Golf Union handbook's 1951 omission of his cap that year was not taken up, I have no idea. Whether it is just an oversight or whether there were other factors I am not sure.
"Did the matches go ahead on the scheduled dates or were they postponed and he wasn't available for the rearanged fixture? (Editor: The fact that a team picture, below, was taken suggests that Cammy Gibson was there and played). Perhaps if one of the Home nations has detailed records we may be able to shed some light on this eventually."

Back row (left to right): JR McKay, KW Walker, CD Lawrie, FWG Deighton, RR Jack, GW Mackie, R Wight, A Sinclair junior.
Front row (l to r): AT Kyle, J Cameron Conn (SGU president), WS McLeod, GB Peters (non-playing team captain), WC Gibson, WM Berrie (SGU honorary secretary), JB Stevenson.


Back row standing (left to right): RC MacGregor, WS McLeod, JR McKay, SB Williamson, HM Dickson (SGU president), WM Berrie (SGU honorary secretary).
Middle row seated (l to r): WC Gibson, JC Wilson, JM Dykes, RD Brand (non-playing team captain), AT Kyle, DA Blair, D Cameron.
Front seated (l to r): RR Jack, JB Stevenson.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Many famous names from Scotland's golfing past in both pictures which were given to Alasdair Malcolm by Cammie Gibson - Reid Jack, Morty Dykes, Eddie Hamilton, David Blair, Sandy Sinclair, to name just the ones that I know best.
One thing that strikes me about both pictures is the mature age of the players who represented Scotland in those days, when the European Tour, not to mention the Tour School was still some years away.
I would guess the teams' average age would have been at least 30, maybe 35 compared with a Scotland team these days when the average age would be around 20 or 21.
In the 1970 edition of the Scottish Golf Union yearbook, Cammie is listed as playing against Ireland in 1950 & 1951.
A trawl through all the players listed on both photos and the caps attributed to them in the 1970 yearbook revealed that the same 10 players appear to have played in all three home international matches in 1950, whilst in 1951 eight appear to have played in all three matches.

Of the others, Cammie and J B Stevenson (another Ayrshire man from Troon St Meddans) played only against Ireland whilst Jimmy McKay (Prestwick St Nicholas) and R.C. McGregor both played against England & Wales.

In summary, it would appear that over the years, Cammie's 1951 cap against Ireland appears to have dropped off the radar. Hopefully this information will be sufficient to have the SGU Yearbook corrected for future years. - Alasdair J Malcolm

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FLASHBACK !!! - Ayrshire's West Of Scotland Under 18 League winning team of 1996

A blast for the past which came to light a few days ago. The scene is Beith Golf Club in September 1996 where the Ayrshire Under 18 team have just won their final match of the series to take the West Inter County League Wishart Trophy for the first time.

How many of the players and officials can you name ?.

There are at least four serving or one time professional golfers in the photo (Clue - It's not the three with the blazers at either side !!), as well as three players who went on to win senior County titles.

Another photo of the team from the same year, with one change of team member on this occassion

Can you name them all this time
If anyone can name all the players and officials and wants to send their list to we will publish the name of the sender of the first all correct list, along with the names of course.


Ian Fraser (Troon St Meddans) was able to name some of the players and officials in the photos.

Ian wrote:-

"What a fantastic article in scottishgolf view about C.Gibson of St. Cuthbert. its so warming to know an ayrshire legend is finally recognised in the history books.

Also in those old pictures was the great JB Stevenson of Troon. What an incredible player he was!

He was our towns Bobby Jones. I think I'm right in saying he was a finalist in the amateur, representing scotland for many years and locally winning the Hillhouse Cup a staggering 10 times!( amongst many others things). (NOTE :- JB Stevenson was a Scottish internationalist in various years from 1932 through to 1951, bronze medalist in the Scottish Amateur in 1931 at Prestwick and quarter finalist in the Amateur Championship at Troon in 1938).

When you hear Professor Sir James Armour and Stewart Wilson saying he was their hero, you know he must have been something else!

It was also nice to see the Ayrshire boys team of the late 90s on the Ayrshire site. I can't name them all but definitely recognised Ronnie Potts, Dave Smith, big Scotty Cairns,Tommy Mac, Stevie Wallace and last but not least Neil Lockie.

Neil is a good friend of my mine. In case your not aware he is currently the head professional at Jonathans Landing GC in Jupiter, FLA.

I was out there in April and played the Fazio with him. Neil, of course is the great nephew of the great JB Stevenson ".

But the first person to name all the players and officials in the two photos of the Ayrshire Boys team was
of Prestwick St Cuthbert GC.

Stephen correctly listed the names as :-
Photo 1 Left to Right

Dave Smith, Scott Cairns, Neil Lockie, Steven Wallace, Scott Sheridan, Ian Robertson, Gary Holland, John Doolan, Tommy McInally, Ronnie Potts and Alasdair Malcolm

Photo 2 Left to Right
Morgan Hall, David Connolly, Neil Lockie, Tommy McInally, John Doolan, Ian Robertson, Scott Sheridan, Garry Holland, Steven Wallace and Dave Smith

Well done Stephen - keep an eye out throughout the forthcoming year for other old photos, if we can dig some out, to test your memory.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS - Some Xmas fun and best wishes from the Association

A little Christmas fun, sending best wishes to all our member clubs and golfers throughout Ayrshire this Christmas
(click on the link to view)

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SCOTTISH GOLF UNION - Chairman to stand down at AGM

Douglas Connon

The Board of the Scottish Golf Union Ltd regrets to announce that due to health reasons Douglas Connon will not be putting his name forward for a second term in the position of Chairman of the Board at the AGM on 22 January 2012.

Douglas took over from Alistair Low as Chairman in January 2009 and will continue in his role until the AGM, but has decided not to be considered for another three-year term.

Douglas’ priorities have changed as a result of the serious illness he has endured this past year and the need to focus on getting back to full health and business life.
Hamish Grey, CEO of the Scottish Golf Union, said:

 “On behalf of all associated with the Scottish Golf Union, it is with great sadness we received this news. Douglas has helped raise the profile, reputation and finances of the Scottish Golf Union".

“I would personally like to thank Douglas for the support he has given to the Board over these past three years.  We wish him a speedy recovery.”

The Board will review the Scottish Golf Union’s position post the January AGM in due course.

Further comment will made be made from the Scottish Golf Union regarding this issue at the AGM.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

AYRSHIRE GOLF ACADEMY - venture gets into the swing over the winter months

The Ayrshire Golf Academy, which has recently been introduced as part of the Ayrshire Golf Association coaching programme, is getting into the swing of things as the winter months begin.

The first two sessions for a selected group of junior golfers have already taken place, on 6th November and 4th December, at the SportScotland National Centre at Inverclyde in Largs.

Over the winter months the Academy programme will cover various spects of the game including coaching, skill levels, nutrition, fitness and psychological aspects of the sport in an effort to maximise the potential of the players selected to take part in the programme this year.

Participants in the scheme range from ages 13 to 17 and were invited to take part after being selected on a strict handicap basis within certain age parameters.

All the players selected possess at least a single figure handicap, ranging from 9 to +1, whilst 13 of the 20 participants hold a category 1 handicap.

The full list of players included in the Ayrshire Academy programme this winter is :-

DAVID WILSON (Troon Welbeck)
EUAN WALKER (Kilmarnock Barassie)
CALLUM GORRIE (Kilmarnock Barassie)
BLAIR GAVIN (Kilmarnock Barassie)
EUAN HENDERSON (Kilmanrock Barassie)
JACK McCLUSKEY (Ayr Belleisle)
LOUIS MURRAY (Troon Welbeck)
MURRAY McCRONE (Troon Welbeck)
CONNOR McKAY (Loudoun)
KIERAN TUMILTY (West Kilbride)
SHAUN HEDGER (West Kilbride)
SEAN COOK (Annanhill)
DARRYL LYNCH (Ayr Belleisle)
JORDAN FRASER (Ayr Belleisle)

JORDAN SWEENEY (Ayr Belleisle)
CRAIG REID (Irvine Ravenspark)

In addition to the Ayrshire Academy programme, The Association are currently undertaking a review of all aspects of County coaching with the intention of producing a new strategy document in the near future.


GIRLS ALLOWED !!!!! - Ayrshire Junior Golf league agree to girls participation

At the 44th Annual General Meeting of The Ayrshire Junior Golf League, held at Caprington Golf Club on Tuesday 6th December, club representatives agreed in principal to a proposal that girls will be permitted to take part in all Ayrshire Junior Golf League competitions in 2012.

The decision, which received support from both the Ayrshire Ladies County Golf Association and the Ayrshire Golf Association, will allow girls to be included in teams in the League Championship, Under 16 Knockout and Wallace Thornton competitions, and may also result in a girls representative taking part in the Junior Champion Of Champions competition. This will be the first occassion since the Ayrshire Junior Golf League was formed in 1968 that girls will be eligible to take part in the competitions administered by The League.

A sub committee has been set up to consider relevant alterations to the Constitution and Rules Of Competitions, to be ratified by the member clubs prior to the start of the 2012 competitions.

Members present at the AGM also heard a resume of the 2011 season, including the very succesful annual dinner held at Loudoun GC.
2012 Chairman
Bobby Caddis
(Prestwick St Cuthbert)

With the League's finances in a healthy position, it was agreed to hold the annual subscription at the same level as 2011, whilst it was also agreed to write to clubs with junior sections who were not presently members of The League, to ascertain if there would be any interest in joining the AJGL prior to the 2012 season.

The 2011 Chairman, Gavin Scott (Loudoun) stood down at the meeting, handing over the position in 2012 to Bobby Caddis (Prestwick St Cuthbert). The Vice Chairmanship will be held by Annanhll GC in 2012 whilst The League officials remained in post for a further year, Robin Baker (Royal Troon) remaining as Treasurer, Billy Tait (Annanhill) retaining his post as Assistant Secretary and John Nordbo (Largs) filling the position of League Secretary.

New Honorary members Fred Helson & Bobby Caddis
At the conclusion of the evening, outgoing Chairman Gavin Scott had the very pleasant duty of proposing two of the club representatives for Honorary Membership of The League, on account of both individuals having served as their respective club convenors for periods in excess of 10 years.

Fred Helson (Irvine Ravenspark) and Bobby Caddis (Prestwick St Cuthbert) were both presented with framed Honorary Member certificates, becoming the 14th and 15th recipients of Honorary Membership of The League respectively.

The full list of individuals honoured in this way by The League is :-

1975 - ANDREW D. NIMMO  Prestwick St. Cuthbert G.C.
1977 - MATT McGREGOR Irvine Ravenspark G.C.
1980 - SAM COULTER Maybole G.C.
1981 - JOHN COWAN Prestwick St. Cuthbert G.C.
1983 - W. KERR FERGUSON Prestwick St. Cuthbert G.C.
1984 - ROBERT F. GRASSOM Ayr Belleisle G.C.
1990 - IAIN HARVEY Ayr Belleisle G.C.
1990 - RUSSELL CAMERON Ayr Belleisle G.C.
1992 - WILLIAM TINSLEY Ardeer G.C.
2000 - CHARLES McGREGOR Irvine Ravenspark G.C.
2002 - ALASTAIR A. GRAHAM Prestwick St. Cuthbert G.C.
2002 - ALASDAIR J. MALCOLM Prestwick St. Cuthbert G.C.
2007 - BRIAN FARRELLY Ardeer G.C.
2011 - FRED HELSON Irvine Ravenspark G.C.
2011 - ROBERT CADDIS Prestwick St Cuthbert G.C.

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60,000 AND COUNTING - Merry Christmas to all our web page visitors

Many thanks to all our visitors during 2011, who have taken the total number of visitors through the 60,000 mark for the very first time.

Although winter is a time where results are fewer, keep visiting over the next few weeks and months where we will be including news of forthcoming fixtures in 2012 amongst other items which crop up over the winter months which may be of interest.

If any clubs have items of interest or forthcoming events they want to publicise in the wider Ayrshire golfing community, details can be forwarded via email to .

Hoping all our readers get all the golfing gifts they want from Santa this year.

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CLUB DINNER CIRCUIT - Welbeck honour Wilson and Murray at annual dinner

Troon Welbeck held a succesful Annual Dinner and Presentation Of Prizes within the clubhouse on Friday 18th November.

Stephen Murray & Gordon McKinlay
Scottish Boys Champion David Wilson
Top table guests included Ayrshire Golf Association President David Miller, Scottish Boys Champion & club member David Wilson and local professional Gordon McKinlay.

Congratualtions were extended to Stephen Murray on winning the Club Championship whilst a special presentation was made to David Wilson to mark his achievement in winning the national boys title.

At the conclusion of a very enjoyable evening, Gordon McKinlay gave a vote of thanks.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MENS SCOTTISH AMATEUR GOLFER OF THE YEAR - Michael Stewart receives national accolade

(Scottish Golf Union press release)

Michael Stewart (Troon Welbeck) has capped his magnificent season by being crowned the 2011 Scottish Amateur Golfer of the Year - and will bring the curtain down on his stellar amateur career in the company of three-time Major winner Ernie Els in the South African Open from tomorrow (24 November).

The 21-year-old from Troon Welbeck built on his outstanding achievements in 2010 to further highlight his amateur CV with a host of successes in 2011, meaning the Golfer of the Year award is a fitting honour to bookend his performances within the Scottish Golf Union’s ranks.

Stewart, who will turn professional immediately after striking his last putt in his maiden European Tour event, follows in the spike marks of previous recipients of the Amateur Golfer of the Year accolade, including Dean Robertson, Steven O’Hara, Richie Ramsay and Callum Macaulay.

Having won the Scottish Amateur title at Gullane, represented Scotland in the Eisenhower Trophy and claimed the SGU Order of Merit all in 2010, the Ayrshireman faced a tough task to match such feats during the last year.

But Stewart’s season took off in some style when he triumphed in the South African Amateur in March, beating international team-mate Paul Shields in the all-Scottish final when the SGU squad were involved in warm weather winter training, thereby earning his place alongside defending champion Els at Serengeti Golf Club in Gauteng this week.

That achievement was almost topped at The Amateur Championship at Hillside in the summer, only to be edged out by Australian Bryden Macpherson in the 36-hole final. After reaching a career high seventh place in the World Amateur Golf Rankings during 2011, Stewart earned his place in the Great Britain and Ireland team for the Walker Cup match at Royal Aberdeen in September and played a pivotal role as the home side upset the odds to defeat the USA for the first time in eight years.

Stewart is now thrilled to have added another notable title to his growing collection.

The young Scot, who will be presented with his prize at the annual Scottish Golf Awards in March 2012, said:

“I’m delighted to win the Scottish Amateur Golfer of the Year Award and it shows the progress I’ve made as a golfer over the last 18 months.

“Reaching the final of The Amateur Championship and winning in South Africa were both brilliant, but playing in a winning Walker Cup side in front of a Scottish crowd surpassed everything.

“There are some great names on the Scottish Amateur Golfer of the Year trophy and hopefully I can follow in the footsteps of the likes of Richie Ramsay and make the transition into successful professional Tour player.”

Despite falling short at the recent European Tour and Alps Tour Qualifying Schools, Stewart – also the 2008 Scottish Boys Champion - refuses to be derailed from his professional aspirations.

Soon to officially sign with the ISM management group, Stewart will make his debut in the paid ranks at next month’s Thailand Open before heading to the Far East in January to contest the Asian Tour’s Qualifying School. He also hopes to gain a number of invites for next season’s European Challenge Tour.

Stewart, who is to join up with the SGU squad in Abu Dhabi next week to work on all aspects of his game, added:

“It’s my last event as an amateur this week. I’m turning professional after it. So hopefully my last putt as an amateur comes on Sunday night.

“There is not much else I can achieve in the amateur game. Being a professional golfer is what I want to do.

“My South African Amateur victory was important to me showing I could perform on the international stage and I’m really looking forward to playing this week in the South African Open.

“It’s going to be amazing to play with a former Open champion in Ernie Els for the first two rounds, a player I can learn so much from.”

Stewart’s award was derived through his performances at home and abroad in 2011, using the World Amateur Golf Rankings.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CASTLE STUART GOLF LINKS - Scottish Open venue to offer preferential rates to SGU members

Castle Stuart, the stunning Highland links which will again host the Scottish Open next summer, has launched an exciting new partnership with the Scottish Golf Union which will offer members of affiliated golf clubs in Scotland savings of £75 on green fees in 2012.
The new deal, exclusively available to full members of all clubs affiliated to the SGU, gives the opportunity for golfers to play on one of the world’s best new courses, scene of Luke Donald’s historic win in the Scottish Open back in July, described as a ‘visual experience unlike any other in golf.’

Castle Stuart’s SGU Special Offer green fee is available at £95 per person, a saving of £75 against the standard rate from May to October, or £150 per person for 36 holes (playable over any consecutive four-day period), saving golfers £100 on a day’s golf.

The fantastic deal illustrates the value of being a member of a golf club in Scotland, with this preferential rate adding to the great deals already available through the Scottish Golf Union at the Open Championship venues of Muirfield, Royal Troon and Prestwick, which have been snapped up this winter.

Stuart McColm, General Manager of Castle Stuart Golf Links, said: “We’re delighted to make this special offer exclusively available to full members of golf clubs in Scotland and give more Scottish golfers the opportunity of playing our wonderful links.”

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from golfers from all over the world since opening in 2009 and being confirmed as host venue for the Scottish Open for the next two years illustrates how highly the course is rated. We look forward to welcoming SGU golf club members to Castle Stuart next year for an experience I’m sure they’ll savour,” he added.

Bookings can now be made for play in 2012 and Castle Stuart is open for business from 29 March through to 18 November. There are no restrictions on advance bookings through the SGU Special Offer but to qualify for the preferential rate, golfers must show proof of club membership along with photographic ID.

The par-72 layout, which can play to more than 7,400 yards from the championship tees, offers stunning views across Inverness and the Black Isle, overlooking well-known landmarks such as the Kessock Bridge and Chanonry Lighthouse. Co-designed by Mark Parsinen - who was also responsible for the creation of Kingsbarns in Fife - and American golf course architect Gil Hanse, the course was voted as Best New Course for 2009 by Golf Magazine USA as well as being voted the 56th best course in the World 2011.

“The Scottish Golf Union is continually aiming to add value to being a member of an affiliated golf club and our partnership with Castle Stuart, a world renowned golf course, highlights our objective. We want members to be given preferential treatment to reward them for investing in the fabric of the game,” said Ross Duncan, Marketing and Sponsorship Manager for the SGU.

“I’m sure those golfers watching the Scottish Open last summer will want to follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s best golfers and we are delighted that Castle Stuart can give more golfers the chance to play with the SGU preferential green fee rates.”

To book a round at Castle Stuart Golf Links, please call 01463 796111 or visit their website at

To qualify for the SGU rate, the golfer has to be a full member of an SGU affiliated golf club and must take photographic ID along with proof of full membership, such as a club card or original letter from the golf club. In addition, players taking advantage of this offer will also require photographic ID, such as a driving licence or passport, to match the name on the club card or letter. Only full members of SGU affilliated clubs will qualify for the special rate.

PRESTWICK ST NICHOLAS GC - new Secretary appointed

Eddie Prentice
Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club have appointed former Partick Thistle Football Club CEO, Eddie Prentice, as the new Club Secretary. Eddie replaces former Secretary Tom Hepburn who retired this year.

Prentice, who take on his new role at the beginning of December, was born and brought up in the west end of Glasgow and was educated at Hillhead High School and Marr College, Troon.
A graduate of Glasgow University, where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1976, he has 35 years experience in general and financial management within the Printing and Publishing, Office Automation, Telecommunications and Precision Engineering sectors.
After several years living and working in Brussels, in 2008 he took on the role of Chief Executive at Partick Thistle Football Club, where he was also a director for over twelve years.

A member of Crail Golfing Society and Pollock Golf Club, Prentice also played amateur football for twenty years and has a number of other sporting interests including swimming, skiing and windsurfing.
 In addition to his other sporting interests, Prentice is Secretary of the Fleming Watson Junior Golf League in Glasgow and is actively involved in promoting the game of golf to junior boys and girls within ten clubs in the south side of Glasgow.

 In another significant development at the club, David Gemmell Golf Limited will take up the role of Starter and Retailer from the beginning of 2012, heralding the return of a PGA professional presence at the club for the first time in over 15 years.

Richard Gordon
Richard Gordon, the respected professional at Ayr Belleisle and his team at David Gemmell Golf  will provide all the usual golf professional services to the club, reviving a long history of club professionals at St Nicholas which began with Jonnie Allan in 1890 and continued with James and David Kinnell in the early years of the 20th century, Tom Haliburton and  Willie Spark in the 1930's and 1940's and Willie McDonald from the 1950's to the 1980's. Fraser McIntyre and Iain Parker served as professionals of the club in the 1980's and 1990's before Stewart Smith became the last holder of the club professional post in the early 1990's.

Very best wishes are extended to both Eddie Prentice and Richard Gordon and his team for a succesful association with the St Nicholas club. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SCOTTISH MID AMATEUR TOURNAMENT - New event scheduled for Dundonald Links

A new Scottish Mid-Amateur event will take place at Dundonald Links golf course, Irvine, next season, the organisers Wincanton Marketing Services Ltd (Whitstable, Kent. UK) have announced this week.
The Scottish Mid-Amateur Stroke Play Championship will take place at Dundonald on Friday 20th April 2012.

The tournament will be held over 36 holes with the winner being the player who returns the lowest gross score for the 36 holes.  There will be numerous prizes with an expected prize fund of over £1,250.  The event will be open to all male golfers over the age of 35 and who are in possession of an active handicap of 12 or less.  Entry into this event will also be on a first come first served basis to allow everyone a chance to enter the event.

“Following on from the success of our first events in 2011, we decided that it was time to resurrect an event in Scotland similar to the Welsh Mid Amateur that we are holding in June 2012.  The feedback was so positive from the players that it cemented our belief that there is a huge gap in the market for new tournaments aimed at golfers aged over 35 years of age.” said Jason Morris, Golf Director of Wyncanton Marketing Services.  “The standard of amateur golf is now such, that unless you hold a handicap of scratch or better you stand little or no chance of entering some of the more prestigious events around the country and players are left in a golfing wilderness.” 

“Our events allow players the opportunity of competing against the best Mid-Amateurs in the country whilst having the opportunity of playing for some great prizes.  We are expecting entrants from all over the United Kingdom and if successful we will hold the event annually.”

“These are exciting time for us and the new web site is attracting visitors from all over the world.  We will be having 6 events in total next year and there will also be an order of merit.”

Anyone who would like to register their interest to play in this event is asked to visit and email their details to the Tournament Secretary.

SCOTTISH GOLF - amalgamation latest

Following the Scotttish Golf Union Areas rejection of the proposal document to amalgamate the Scottish Golf Union and Scottish Ladies Golfing Association earlier this year, there have been further efforts made to progress an amalgamation proposal over recent months.

The Scottish Golf Union recently advised that all parties remain committed to amalgamation and that positive meetings investigating how amalgamation can be achieved have been held.

Further details are being discussed and meetings are ongoing and the Scottish Golf Union will advise clubs of progress when anything concrete has been agreed betweenj the SLGA and SGU, in due course.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

DINNER SEASON - let's have club reports for the web page

As the golfing community in Ayrshire is now well into the season of annual dinners and presentation of prizes, we would welcome reports and photos from clubs for publication on the web page from their annual dinners.

Any club secretaries or officials who would like us to publish reports and photos should forward any info to

Thursday, November 10, 2011

AYRSHIRE JUNIOR GOLF LEAGUE DINNER - Wilson named as McRobert Thistle recipient for 2011

The Ayrshire Junior Golf League held their Annual Dinner and Presentation of Prizes at Loudoun Gowf Club on Monday 7th November, with all but one of the member clubs represented in a capacity audience.

David Reynolds presenting
the Junior Golfer Of the year Trophy
to David Wilson
Chaired by 2011 League Chairman Gavin Scott (Loudoun), the attendees had a very enjoyable meal and the entertainment of the usual raffle before proceedings moved to the presentation of the trophies and prizes to the winning teams and individuals from the 2011 season.

As has become something of a tradition, the presentation of prizes opened with David Reynolds of  The National Playing Fields Association presenting the Macrobert Thistle Junior Golfer Of the Year Trophy.

The 2011 winner, David Wilson (Troon Welbeck), had an outstanding season beginning with his win in the Scottish Boys Championship in April and concluding with winning the Ayrshire Junior Order Of Merit and selection for the Scottish Boys Squad for 2012.

The remaining trophies and prizes were presented to the winners by Ayrshire Golf Association President David Miller (Kilmarnock Barassie).

Matt Lygate Trophy winners
Kilmarnock Barassie

Winners of the Ayrshire Boys Team Championship and the Matt Lygate Trophy in April at Annanhill were the Kilmarnock Barassie team of Jack McDonald, Euan Walker, Callum Gorrie & Blair Gavin.

The handicap award in the same competition, the Andrew D Nimmo Trophy, was won by the Annanhill team of Greg Vernon, Darren Young, Liam Middleton & Chris Murchie.

A.D. Nimmo Trophy winners
Callum Gorrie - Carrick Trophy winner

Robbie Fitzpatrick (Irvine) won the Prestwick Circuits Trophy for the best scratch score of the day whilst the Carrick Trophy for the best nett score was won by Callum Gorrie (Kilmarnock Barassie).

Callum Beveridge
with the Boys Championship Trophy
 Callum Beveridge (Troon Welbeck) became only the third player to win both the Ayrshire Boys Championship and Boys Matchplay Championship in the same season when he beat clubmate and defending champion Charlie Macneal in a play off for the strokeplay title at Prerstwick St Nicholas in August and followe don the next week by beating clubmate David Wilson in the matchplay final at Prestwick
Boys Matchplay winner
Callum Beveridge

Silver Jubilee Trophy winners - Largs
 The Silver Jubilee Trophy, competed for by the Junior Convenors, was won at Loudoun this year by the team from Largs GC.

Champion Of Champions
Euan Walker
Euan Walker (Kilmarnock Barassie) and David Wilson (Troon Welbeck) met in the Champion Of Champions final at Loudoun GC and it was Euan Walker who won a close contest to take the 2011 title.

Junior Order Of merit - David Wilson

The 2011 Ayrshire Junior Order Of Merit was a fitting conclusion to an outstanding season for David Wilson (Troon Welbeck) who took the title from clubmates Charlie Macneal and Callum Beveridge in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Under 16 Trophy winners - Kilmarnock Barassie
Kilmarnock (Barassie) won the Under 16 Knockout Trophy, eating Prestwick St Nicholas in the final at Loudoun.

Under 16 Runners Up - Prestwick St Nicholas

Wallace Thornton Trophy winners - Troon Welbeck
Troon Welbeck retained the Wallace Thornton Trophy, beating Kilmarnock (Barassie) in the final at Loudoun

Wallace Thornton runners up - Kilmarnock Barassie

The presentation of prizes concluded with the award to the succesful teams in the 2011 Ayrshire Junior Golf League Championship.

Championship semi finalists - Kilmarnck Barassie
The beaten semi finalists were defending champions Kilmarnock (Barassie) and Ayr Belleisle whilst the runners up were Annanhill.

Championship semi finalists - Ayr Belleisle

Championship runners up - Annanhill

The final presentation of the evening was to the League Champions Irvine Golf Club who won the title at Loudoun GC in a nailbiting final against Annanhill.

2011 Ayrshire Junior Golf League Champions
Irvine Golf Club

Ayrshire Golf Association Assistant Secretary Billy Tait (Annanhill) brought the evening to a close with a vote of thanks.

ARE YOU COVERED ? - Scottish Golf Union urges golfers to review insurance after recent ruling

The Scottish Golf Union has issued renewed calls for all clubs and golfers to be fully aware of health and safety guidelines while considering insurance cover, given the recent high-profile case in the media which saw a golfer awarded almost £400,000 in damages following an unfortunate incident on the course.

In a judgement that should prompt players and clubs around the country to exercise greater care, Anthony Phee was awarded £397,000 having lost an eye after being struck by a wayward drive.

At Niddry Castle Golf Club, Winchburgh, James Gordon’s tee-shot from the 18th hole struck Mr Phee walking on a path between the 6th and 7th holes. Mr Gordon was deemed 70% liable, while the club 30% liable for having no warning signs at the tee or the path.

The decision brings into sharp focus the liability for golfers, club committee members and office bearers. Whilst such incidents are rare, accidents can happen.
Hamish Grey, SGU Chief Executive, said: “We express our great sympathy for Mr Phee, this was an unfortunate incident. We all have a duty of care that, if in doubt as a golfer and you think someone is in range, then don’t hit the ball – wait until they are clear.”

The SGU are extremely aware of such incidents arising and, for a number of years, have enjoyed a partnership with Carrick Neill as our official insurance broker. Carrick Neill were chosen due to their extensive experience, technical expertise and focus on providing a first-class customer service. Golfers and golf clubs, wherever possible, ought to be covered by specialist insurance.

Carrick Neill, a UK-based broker also endorsed by the English Golf Union and the Ladies’ Golf Union, currently place the insurance for hundreds of clubs and thousands of individual golfers – but many clubs and golfers are simply not properly covered despite having a variety of options they can choose to protect themselves.

David Miller, Golf Director of Carrick Neill, explains: “We live in a compensation culture and we are all bombarded by offers from no-win, no fee companies which make it significantly easier for claimants to seek compensation.

“In the previous 12 months, we have settled over 1,200 golf-related claims. For such a modest charge, we would strongly urge all golfers to seriously consider arranging specific golf insurance.

“It is important to bear in mind the quality of the product you choose and not be swayed by cheap premiums and free gifts. The old adage “cheapest is not always best” is likely to be true and most importantly, you need cover you can trust.”

Please refer to the golfer’s policy section of the Carrick Neill website for further information on various cover available or contact a member of their golf team on 0131 225 7777.

The incident in West Lothian, which received widespread media coverage, also highlighted the responsibility that lies with clubs in assessing risk and taking necessary preventative measures.

For some time now, the SGU have advised clubs on health and safety as well as insurance issues and the governing body are about to launch a comprehensive health and safety web tool for clubs with our partners, XACT.

Full support including completion of all risk assessments for all areas of your club, including clubhouse, course, greenkeeping activities and professional shop can be provided by the package.

For further information, please visit

BRUNSTON CASTLE - Golf club scales back operations

(From The Ayrshire Post)

An Ayrshire golf club is scaling back it's operations, but club bosses at Brunston Castle have said that no one will lose their jobs.

The Dailly golf club is taking itself off the market as a wedding and party venue and instead will focus entirely on the golf course.

Staff were made aware of the move at a meeting with bosses on Monday 7th November. They were also told there are no plans to let staff go , at the moment, but that the upstairs event room would no longer operate.

One staff members said:-

"We were sent letters saying that the complny was entering a 30 day consultation period and inviting us to a meeting. The directors came down and told us we would be limiting our services".

"We're not bankrupt, we're not going into liquidation. Upstairs will be closed and we're just going to concentrate on the golf side".