Sunday, December 11, 2022

WOMEN'S COMPETITIONS - Valuable contributions from positive and successful forum meeting adds to drive for new women's events in 2023

The Ayrshire Golf Association held a very positive and constructive meeting with female representatives of member clubs on Thursday evening, the 8th of December, at Loudoun Gowf Club.

There were 20 present at the meeting, representing 10 Ayrshire clubs, and several suggestions for events were discussed, in addition to the four events already identified as possible focus for development in 2023.

As a consequence of the discussions, The Association will move forward with arrangements to introduce the following competitions in 2023, with several other suggested formats to be considered further in the future.

Work will now start to establish the following events next season:-


An 18 hole strokeplay event to be played on a weekend date. The main trophy to the scratch winner with prizes awarded on both scratch and handicap basis. Individual entry fee to be determined. If over subscribed, ballot on handicap basis will determine the starting field of 120 players.


18 hole scratch matchplay knockout event with the players returning the 16 best scratch scores in the Ayrshire Women's Strokeplay Championship qualifying to contest the matchplay event. Played on a home or away basis, depending on the draw, with the final to take place during Finals day in September. No entry fee applicable.


Scratch matchplay knockout competition open to the Women's Club Champions of all member clubs from the previous season. Draw for matches, to be played home or away depending on draw, throughout the season, with the final to take place at a nominated course in August. Entry fee to be determined.


18 hole strokeplay event with prizes on a scratch and handicap basis. Possibly to be played at the same venue and date as the 36 hole Ayrshire Boys Championship. Individual entry fee to be determined.


Inter club team competition played in sections with home and away matches and the section winners to progress to home and away knockout stages to determine the finalists, who will play off for the title on Finals day in September. Each team to comprise four players, though any number of members can take part to represent their club during the duration of the competition.


A mixed greensomes handicap knockout competition open to any male and female members of Ayrshire Golf Association member clubs, to be played on a home or away basis throughout the season, with the final scheduled to take place during finals day in September. Entry will be limited to the first 64 teams entered. Team entry fee to be determined.

Other suggestions which will be tabled for further discussion by The Executive for consideration in the future include a mixed strokeplay competition open to male and female members of member clubs alike, and also a scratch mixed foursomes matchplay championship, with one pairing nominated to represent member clubs.

The above competitions are far from prescriptive and it is envisaged that more events will be introduced in the future as a result of feedback and suggestions received from member clubs, as has been the case with men's events in the past.

The Association would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended the meeting and took part in the discussions, which was an important step on the future development of the positive move to develop The Ayrshire Golf Association into a fully representative regional body for golf and golfers in Ayrshire.

Monday, December 05, 2022

CHAMPIONSHIP FORUM - Meeting reminder to discuss development of woman's events

Member clubs are reminded that a forum meeting has been arranged on Thursday the 8th of December 2022 at Loudoun Gowf Club, to discuss possible formats and forms of women's competitions in the future, following the decision taken by member clubs at the recent Ayrshire Golf Association AGM to develop The Association into a fully representative regional body, to provide playing and representative opportunities for all members of member clubs, regardless of gender.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7.00 p.m. and all member clubs with mixed membership have been invited to send one or two representatives to discuss the way forward.

Clubs still considering applying for membership of The Association have also been invited to contribute at the forum.

It would be helpful if those member clubs that have not already done so, who intent being represented at the meeting, could notify the Area Secretary of their intention to send representatives, prior to the meeting.

AYRSHIRE JUNIOR GOLF LEAGUE - 2022 winners honoured at Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner of The Ayrshire Junior Golf League was held at Prestwick St Cuthbert Golf Club in November, with the 2022 winners of the various junior competition in the county being honoured for their achievements.

The evening was chaired by League Chairman Martin Robbins (Prestwick St Cuthbert GC) and a fine meal was enjoyed by the company, of junior golfers, club conveners, honorary members, representatives of The Ayrshire Golf Association and other guests.

Following the meal and raffle the 2022 event winners were announced.

Jack Broadfoot
The first presentations of the evening were the MacRobert Thistle Junior Golfer of the year trophies to the outstanding boy and girl golfer in Ayrshire in 2022, which were handed over to the worthy recipients by Ayrshire Golf Association President Scotto Gilchrist.

The boys' winner was Jack Broadfoot (Troon Welbeck) who performances throughout the season included wins in three open events in the county and a runner up spot in the Ayrshire Boys Matchplay Championship, which led to him securing the Junior order of merit trophy for the season. In addition he was Junior Captain of his home club, impressing with his courteous manners and support for younger members of his club.

Louise Milligan
The girls' award was won by Louise Milligan (Irvine) who is also a member of
Loudoun. A valuable member of the Irvine junior team since 2018, she was one of the first girl members of the club and since joining has been supportive and encouraging to all the girls who have since joined in her wake. Her conduct on and off the course was commended, as was her support of younger girls throughout Ayrshire by assisting in the delivery of coaching at the Irvine driving range, an aspect she plans to continue to develop in further education at the Highland University, on a golf related course. A winner of several club events and open competitions in Ayrshire during the season and an ever present in the Irvine junior team that reached the Ayrshire Junior Golf League Championship final, the award represented well deserved recognition for Louise for her efforts and commitment in 2022.

The other winners honoured at the dinner were:-

The Matt Lygate Trophy - TROON WELBECK

The Andrew D. Nimmo Trophy - TURNBERRY

The Prestwick Circuits Trophy - MAX BARCLAY (Ayr Belleisle)

The Carrick Trophy - GREGOR HAY (Turnberry)

The Silver Jubilee Trophy - PRESTWICK ST CUTHBERT

The Ayrshire Boys Championship - HARVEY BROADFOOT (Royal Troon)

The Ayrshire Boys Matchplay Championship - HARVEY BROADFOOT (Royal Troon)

The Ayrshire Junior Order of Merit - JACK BROADFOOT (Troon Welbeck)

The Wallace Thornton Trophy - TROON WELBECK

The Under 16 Knockout Trophy - IRVINE

The Champion of Champions Trophy - SAM CROZIER (West Kilbride)

The Ayrshire Junior Golf League Championship - WEST KILBRIDE

Matt Lygate Trophy - Troon Welbeck

Silver Jubilee Trophy - Prestwick St Cuthbert

AJGL Championship - West Kilbride

Champion of Champions - Sam Crozier

AJGL Championship Runners Up - Irvine

Under 16 Knockout Trophy - Irvine

Champion of Champions Runner Up - Harvey Broadfoot

Wallace Thornton Trophy - Troon Welbeck

Under 16 Knockout Trophy Runners Up - Troon Welbeck

Junior Order of Merit - Jack Broadfoot

Carrick Trophy - Gregor Hay (Turnberry)

Wallace Thornton Trophy Runners Up - Kilmarnock Barassie

Ayrshire Boys Matchplay - Harvey Broadfoot

Ayrshire Boys Champion - Harvey Broadfoot

Andrew D Nimmo Trophy - Turnberry

AYRSHIRE GOLF ASSOCIATION AGM - Member clubs support proposals to develop fully representative regional body

 At the recent Ayrshire Golf Association Annual General Meeting, held in October at Loudoun Gowf Club, the member clubs present approved alterations to the constitution of The Association to allow the county body to develop as a fully representative body for all members of the member clubs, regardless of gender.

before the constitutional changes, The Association only represented the male members of member clubs, providing competitive and representative opportunities in various formats, and the changes will now allow The Association to extend the playing opportunities to encompass the female members of member clubs too.

The changes will allow the Association, and the clubs in Ayrshire to develop an appropriate and relevant body in the county to provide a representative platform and equality of opportunity for the membership of Ayrshire clubs.

Several competitions are being considered for development at an initial stage, and in an effort to identify relevant events and formats best suited to the female members of member clubs. a discussion forum for representatives of member clubs, and other clubs considering joining The Association following the recent constitutional changes, is being held to collate the most appropriate events to develop in the future.

The Association look forward to working along with member clubs and their memberships in general to enhance the opportunities for clubs and individuals alike going forward, as a result of the recent AGM decision.

Thursday, December 01, 2022

SCOTTISH GOLF - Three week freeze on WHS & CDH system announced

Scottish Golf have today issued the following information regarding the WHS Handicapping System and Central Database of Handicaps, which will affect players and handicapping during December 2022 and early January 2023. 

Important information regarding the WHS/CDH

**Please note that if you are already using the VMS platform, your customer account manager will be contacting you separately**
You may be aware that Scottish Golf is transitioning to a new technology provider at the end of 2022. This means the WHS/CDH will also be transitioning. To aid this, there will be a freeze period of three weeks imposed. Details of how this affects you are listed below.
What happens to the WHS and handicapping? 
  • The freeze period will take place from 15 December to 7 January 2023.
  • During this time, the Scottish Golf app cannot be used to submit general play scores. Clubs will also not be able to send scores during this period. 
  • If scores are submitted during this period, handicaps will not be updated in the new system.
  • Depending on the software supplier / ISV, scores submitted in this period could be added retrospectively. 
  • Any handicap recalculations will take place after 7 January, once the WHS has reactivated and scores submitted. 
How do I manage this at my club? 
  • ISVs have been made aware of the change
  • You will still have access to the WHS/CDH tab in your platform. However, we would ask that you do not make any changes from 15 December, as they will NOT be accepted. Once the new WHS is activated, this data will not appear, and you will have to manually re-enter it. 
  • A link to access the new WHS Clubhouse platform – including instructions on how to use the new system – will be sent in due course. 
  • Instructions on how to access the new app to view handicap dashboards, etc will be sent to all clubs in due course. 

If club representatives have any questions they can email the Scottish Golf handicapping team at