Thursday, March 31, 2005

2004 Matt Lygate Trophy winners, Kilmarnock (Barassie) Posted by Hello
2004 Andrew D. Nimmo Trophy winners, Ardeer Posted by Hello

2005 AYRSHIRE BOYS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS - Junior Season tees off at Ballochmyle

18 clubs will contest the traditional opening fixture of the Ayrshire junior golf season, The Ayrshire Boys Team Championship, which is being contested on Sunday 10th April at Ballochmyle.

Holders of the Matt Lygate Trophy, Kilmarnock (Barassie), field a strong team, with three Scottish boys internationalists in the side.

Ardeer will defend the Andrew D. Nimmo Trophy for the best nett team score, whilst Steven McEwan (Kilmarnock Barassie) and Fergus Cunningham (Ardeer) both return to defend the Prestwick Circuits Trophy and Carrick Trophy, for the best individual scratch and nett scores respectively.

The draw for the competition is:-

Game 1 - 11.00
David Robertson (Ballochmyle) (5)
Stuart Robin (St. Nicholas) (1)
Gordon Munro (Caprington) (5)

Game 2 - 11.07
Jordan Fleming (Ballochmyle) (6)
Sean Manson (St. Nicholas) (6)
Calum Shaw (Caprington) (9)

Game 3 - 11.14
Gary Herbertson (Ballochmyle) (9)
Craig McCall (St. Nicholas) (9)
David Stratford (Caprington) (10)

Game 4 - 11.21
Craig Nicol (Ballochmyle) (11)
Jamie Hood (St. Nicholas) (12)
Steven Green (Caprington) (14)

Game 5 - 11.28
Brian Griffin (Annanhill) (13)
Ciaran Byrne (New Cumnck) (18)
James Craine (Beith) (18)

Game 6 - 11.35
Mark Tait (Annanhill) (10)
Scott Hannah (New Cumnock) (18)
Ewan Ross (Beith) (17)

Game 7 - 11.42
Euan Bennett (Annanhill) (13)
William McDonald (New Cumnock) (17)
Iain Ryrie (Beith) (11)

Game 8 - 11.49
Craig Michael (Annanhill) (18)
Gregor Fleming (New Cumnock) (18)
Erik Lowe (Beith) (17)

Game 9 - 12.00
Graeme Gimson (St. Cuthbert) (5)
Craig Dunsmuir (Loudoun) (8)
Calum Crowe (Kilbirnie) (10)

Game 10 - 12.07
Blair Caddis (St. Cuthbert) (6)
Scott Muir (Loudoun) (12)
Adam Arnott (Kilbirnie) (12)

Game 11 - 12.14
Stephen McConnell (St. Cuthbert) (8)
Craig Goodwin (Loudoun) (14)
John Davidson (Kilbirnie) (13)

Game 12 - 12.21
Barry McCulloch (St. Cuthbert) (18)
Robert Jamieson (Loudoun) (15)
David Robb (Kilbirnie) (14)

Game 13 - 12.28
John Shanks (Ardeer) (3)
Luke Facchini (Ayr Belleisle) (6)
Michael Stewart (Troon Welbeck) (1)

Game 14 - 12.35
Fergus Cunningham (Ardeer) (4)
Graham McDonald (Ayr Belleisle) (7)
Lloyd Allam (Troon Welbeck) (5)

Game 15 - 12.42
Scott Ainsworth (Ardeer) (4)
Steven Carrington (Ayr Belleisle) (4)
Kris Kirk (Troon Welbeck) (6)

Game 16 - 12.49
Martin Dunning (Ardeer) (7)
Richard McManus (Ayr Belleisle) (7)
Matthew Skeoch (Troon Welbeck) (7)

Game 17 - 13.00
Greig Rorison (Turnberry) (5)
David Addison (Kilmarnock Barassie) (Scr.)
IainMenzies (Largs) (2)

Game 18 - 13.07
Stuart Munro (Turnberry) (7)
Robert McKnight (Kilmarnock Barassie) (Scr.)
Craig McLaughlin (Largs) (3)

Game 19 - 13.14
Nicholas Faulds (Turnberry) (7)
Steven McEwan (Kilmarnock Barassie) (Scr.)
Andrew Connell (Largs) (1)

Game 20 - 13.21
Fraser Thomson (Turnberry) (9)
Stuart Henderson (Kilmarnock Barassie) (4)
Andrew Abercrombie (Largs) (4)

Game 21 - 13.28
Colin Robinson (Skelmorlie) (8)
Ross De Couroy (West Kilbride) (12)
Mark Brown (Largs Routenburn) (12)

Game 22 - 13.35
Paul Robinson (Skelmorlie) (8)
Darren Kean (West Kilbride) (6)
Stephen Hart (Largs Routenburn) (8)

Game 23 - 13.42
Michael Colvin (Skelmorlie) (9)
Martin Bell (West KIlbride) (6)
Kevyn Leahy (Largs Routenburn) (14)

Game 24 - 13.49
Stephen Hanley (Skelmorlie) (14)
Michael Roos (West Kilbride) (10)
Adam Sweeney (Largs Routenburn) (12)
2004 Prestwick Circuits Trophy winner Steven McEwan (Kilmarnock Barassie)  Posted by Hello
2004 Carrick Trophy winner Fergus Cunningham (Ardeer) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

AYRSHIRE GOLF ASSOCIATION - Youths/Boys team score second successive victory over South Of Scotland

Last Sunday (20th march) the Ayrshire youths/boys team travelled to Brighouse Bay, Kirkcudbright to face a South Of Scotland team, looking to avenge last years defeat at Girvan in this, the South Of Scotland Association's Centenary year.

With President Ian Guthrie (Ballochmyle), Past President Robin Baker (Troon Welbeck) and Boys Team Manager Ian Walker (Brunston Castle) the officials in attendance, the teams enjoyed fine weather, although the course was playing long after the heavy rain over the preceding days.

As always the match proved a sporting but vey competitive outing, with Ayrshire eventually running out winners by 11 - 7.

Of the 6 morning foursomes, five were only concluded on the final green, and after the morning efforts the teams were tied at 3 - 3

The morning results were (Ayrshire names first):-


Robert McKnight & Steven McEwan ( both Barassie)
Andrew Gordon & Chris Robinson
by 1 hole

Nicky Sinclair (Barassie) & Craig McLaughlan (Largs)
Kyle McClung & Kenny Urquhart
by 1 hole

Iain Menzies (Largs) & Michael Stewart (Welbeck)
lost to
Alan Murdoch & Adam Aitken
by 1 hole


Ian Guthrie & Craig Hamilton ( both Ballochmyle)
lost to
John Williamson & David Broadfoot
by 1 hole

Alastair Leggate & Jamie McKay (both Barassie)
Kenneth Henderson & Ben Irving
by 2 holes

John Sloan (Doon Valley) & Gary Neil (Caprington)
lost to
Graham Findlay & Jack Ferrier
by 5 & 3

In the afternoon singles, Ayrshire excelled, the boys taking four of their 6 ties, and the youths winning three of their ties, with only one defeat and two halved matches. Ayrshire produced a number of notable performances during the afternoon, none more so than the half match gained by Craig Hamilton who fought back from 4 down to secure a share of the spoils.

The afternoon results were (Ayrshire names first) :-


Robert McKnight beat Andrew Gordon by 3 & 2
Steven McEwan lost to Chris Robinson by 2 & 1
Michael Stewart lost to Alan Murdoch by 7 & 6
Nicky Sinclair beat Adam Aitken by 3 & 2
Iain Menzies beat Kyle McClung by 5 & 4
Craig McLaughlan beat Kenny Urquhart by 5 & 4


Craig Hamilton halved with John Williamson
Ian Guthrie beat Kenneth Henderson by 4 & 3
Jamie McKay halved with Graham Findlay
Alastair Leggate beat David Broadfoot by 1 hole
Gary Neil beat Jack Ferrier by 1 hole
John Sloan lost to Ben Irvine by 6 & 4


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

AYRSHIRE GOLF ASSOCIATION - defeat in pre season match at Ravenspark

After defeat at Loudoun the previous week by 4 - 1, the County team travelled to Ravenspark on Sunday, looking for a better resuult, but came up against a strong home side who ran out winners by 3 - 2.

In the first tie, a couple of Ayrshire veterans, Kevin Middlemiss and George Robertson from the host side saw off the challenge of Ian Menzies and Nicky Sinclair whilst in the second tie, county players John Cairney and Darren Mallinson of the hosts beat Craig Hamilton and county debutant Chris Bone, to give the home side a 2-0 lead.

The third tie also went the way of the home side, giving them an unbeatable lead, although pride was somewhat restored in the remaining ties, which were both won by the county side.

MATCH RESULTS :- Ravenspark players first)

G. Robertson & K. Middlemiss
Ian Menzies (Largs) & Nicky Sinclair (Barassie) 4 & 3

J. Cairney & D. Mallinson
Craig Hamilton (Ballochmyle) & Chris Bone (Loudoun) 2 & 1

W. McGill & B. Gibson
Michael Stewart (Welbeck) & Garry Neil (Caprington) 2 & 1

D. McLelland & J. Hobson
lost to
Stuart Robin (St. Nicholas) & Lee Hughes (Belleisle) 1 hole

W. Howatt & H. Brown
lost to
John Sloan (Doon Valley) & Jamie McKay (Barassie) 1 hole

This Sunday Ayrshire Travel to meet South Of Scotland at Brighouse Bay, Kirkcudbright in their final match of the warm up series.