Monday, April 06, 2009


The 2009 Ayrshire Strokeplay Championship, to be played over 36 holes at Irvine Golf Club on Sunday 26th April, has been over subscribed, 10 players being ballotted out of the capacity field of 66.

The handicap ballot fell at 3.3.

The Order Of Play is:-

0800/1300 - K. Lammie (Portland), K. Fairley (Irvine), T. McInally (Loudoun)
0808/1308 - J. Shanks (Irvine), G.J. Robertson (Ravenspark), F. McCall (Portland)
0815/1315 - M. Anderson (Irvine), D. mallinson (Ravenspark), S. King (St. Nicholas)
0823/1323 - T.P. Loy (Ballochmyle), C. McLaughlin (Largs), W. Meiklem (Welbeck)
0830/1330 - S. Wilson (Irvine), B. Hunter (Welbeck), G. Rowan (Ballochmyle)
0838/1338 - P. Denim (Loudoun), K. McGill (Welbeck), G. Dunlop (Irvine)
0845/1345 - J. Haggerty (Loudoun), A. Kent (Welbeck), R. Black (Irvine)
0853/1353 - G. Wilson (Loudoun), J. Hobson (Ravenspark), S. Spence (Irvine)
0900/1400 - C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle), D.A. MacDonald (Largs), S. Barr (Ravenspark)
0908/1408 - C. Thomas (Largs), G. Cochran (Ravenspark), A. Huxtable (St. Nicholas)
0915/1415 - I. MacDonald (Largs), D. Chamberlain (Welbeck), B. Fisher (Largs)
0923/1423 - A. Wright (Kil. Barassie), S. Murray (Welbeck), S. McEwan (Caprington)
0930/1430 - I.S. MacDonald (Largs), S. Miller (Kil. Barassie), P. Moultrie (Portland)
0938/1438 - J. Gilligan (Welbeck), S. Pennington (St. Meddans), G. Lamb (Irvine)
0945/1445 - J. Acheson (Routenburn), S. McCahill (Maybole), R. Whittaker (St. Nicholas)
0953/1453 - S. Clark (Belleisle), R. Acheson (Routenburn), K. Houston (Welbeck)
1000/1500 - A. Foley (Belleisle), F. lawrie (Largs), B. McDonnell (Caprington)
1008/1508 - M. Smyth (oyal Troon), G. Cree (Welbeck), A. Gourlay (Irvine)
1015/1515 - J.G. Boyle (Dalmilling), A. Walker (St. Meddans), J. McDonald (Kil. Barassie)
1023/1523 - G. Tierney (St. Nicholas), M. Smith (Welbeck), S. Brown (Turnberry)
1030/1530 - G. Higgins (West Kilbride), D. Power (St. Meddans), S. Peters (Doon Valley)
1038/1538 - A. Brown (West Kilbride), B. Moore (Largs), J. Sloan (Doon Valley)

With the Ayrshire Secretary Leslie Crawford presently in hospital, there is a possibility that there may be entries that have not been received.

If any player feels there is such an issue then they are asked to contact AGA Executive member James McMurdo on o7883064320 or email details to .

Copies of the draw will be posted out to clubs his week.

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