Sunday, April 12, 2009

ARTIFICIAL MEASURING DEVICES - Not permitted for Ayrshire Golf Association competitions in 2009

As in 2008, The Ayrshire Golf Association have decided that artificial measuring devices will not be permitted in any of their competitions in 2009, again following the lead of the national body, the Scottish Golf Union.

In a note to Rule 14-3 of the new Rules Of Golf, effective from 1st January 2008, Committees may make a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only.

In 2009, regardless of any local rule of the host club, such a local rule will not be in operation for any Ayrshire County event.This includes all strokeplay and matchplay competitons administered by the Ayrshire Golf Association.

Any player using such a device, in breach of Rule 14-3 will be subject to disqualification.

However, in respect of Doc Thom counting events, if the local organising committee for a counting event administered by a club decides to allow the use of such devices during their competition, the local rule of the competition will prevail.

The Ayrshire Golf Association would prefer all counting events not to allow the use of Artificial measuring Devices, but should the rules of competition allow their use then that will not preclude the relevant event being a Doc Thom Order Of merit counting event.

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