Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AYRSHIRE STROKEPLAY - David Wilson wasn't the youngest winner.

The belief that David Wilson begame the youngest winner of the Ayrshire Strokeplay Championship with his success on Sunday appears not to be the case.

The following information was forwarded in response to an article carried in The Herald this week:-

"You report that David Wilson became the youngest winner, at 17 years of age, of the Ayrshire Strokeplay on Sunday.

My son, Ross Duncan (Brodick GC), won the event as a 16 year old in 2002 to become the youngest winner. His 17th birthday fell on 22nd August 2002, well after the championship was played.

He also won the championship as an 18 year old in 2004 in a tie with Alex Gourlay (Irvine GC). That was the only time in the event's history that a tie had been the final result. This was because they had the same score in regulation play and after several play-off holes bad light stopped play!

Ross was also runner-up in 2003 to Lloyd Saltman at the Scottish Boys' Strokeplay at Prestwick GC. He then played in the Boys' Home Internationals at Royal St Davids, Harlech, where one of his opponents was a certain (very young) Rory McIlroy who hasn't done too badly since!"
Yours in golf

Russell Duncan
Isle of Arran

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