Monday, September 10, 2018

AYRSHIRE GOLF ASSOCIATION AGM - Initial notice sent to clubs

The 2018 Ayrshire Golf Association AGM will be held at Caprington Golf Club on Tuesday 23rd October at 7.30 p.m., with initial notices of the meeting having been forwarded by email or post to all member clubs today.

The provisional agenda for the AGM is :-

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of AGM of 24/10/2017
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Presidents report – to be forwarded in due course
  5. Financial report – to be forwarded in due course
  6. Coaching report – to be forwarded in due course
  7. Course rating report – to be forwarded in due course
  8. Ayrshire Junior League Report – to be forwarded in due course
  9. Election of President
  10. Election of Vice President
  11. Election of Secretary/Treasurer
  12. Election of General Committee
  13. SGL & Area Subscriptions
  14. AOCB

In accordance with the constitution, there are four retiring members from the executive this year. It is likely there will remain at least four other vacancies, for varying periods of three, two and one year, on the Executive committee.

Clubs are requested to encourage interested members to contact the Secretary or Executive members for more information and if appropriate seek nomination for the vacant posts.

Under the constitution, Nominees must be a member of a club affiliated to The Ayrshire Golf Association and be proposed and seconded by members of affiliated clubs also.
The work of The Association Executive is varied and encompasses, amongst other things, Competitions, Course rating, handicapping, team administration at all age groups, rules and working with the National body and local agencies in the promotion of golf in the county.
All matters for the AGM, any proposals from member clubs and nominations for above positions and Executive posts require to be in the hands of The Secretary, in writing, 
by  Friday 5th October at the latest.  

It would be desirable if all member clubs could be represented by one or two appointed representatives at the Annual General Meeting. One representative will be permitted to vote on behalf of the club.

The final Agenda of the meeting, various reports, 2017 AGM minutes, annual balance sheet and budget proposals will be forwarded to member clubs in shortly after 5th October, and at this time clubs will be requested to advise if they will be represented at the AGM, and by whom. 

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