Monday, August 01, 2011

AYRSHIRE SCRATCH LEAGUES - Barassie remain well positioned in title defence

Loudoun lead the Ayrshire Scratch leagues Division 1 after the latest round of matches, although defending champions Kilmarnock (Barassie) remain in good position as they bid to defend their title.

Loudoun moved to the top of the table after 3 - 3 draws away from home against Ayr Belleisle and Troon Welbeck.

A 4 - 2 away win at Loudoun in their latest match moved Kilmarnock (Barassie) to within two points of the league leaders, but  with two games less played.

Present positions in League Division 1 are :-

                                    P           F          A       PTS

LOUDOUN                             7              25.5        16.5        20
BARASSIE                               5              18           13           18
TROON WELBECK                 7              21           21           14
IRVINE                                     7              22.5        19.5        12
IRVINE RAVENSPARK            7              17.5        24.5        10
AYR BELLEISLE                       5              9.5          20.5        2

Remaining fixtures are :-

Barassie Vs Belleisle
Ravenspark Vs Belleisle
Barassie Vs Irvine
Belleisle Vs Welbeck
Barassie Vs Loudoun
Irvine Vs Belleisle
Welbeck Vs Barassie
Ravenspark Vs Loudoun
Irvine Vs Loudoun
Belleisle Vs Barassie
Ravenspark Vs Welbeck

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