Friday, March 20, 2009

AYRSHIRE WINTER LEAGUE - Troon Portland regain title

Troon Portland Golf Club have been crowned Ayrshire Winter League champions for the second time in three years after a 7-5 aggregate win over Troon Welbeck in the final.

Trailing 3.5 to 2.5 after the first leg over the Darley, the Portland team proved too strong for last year's runners-up in the return leg on Sunday 15th March over their home course.

In the opening tie there was never more than one hole in it before veteran Alistair Nicol clinched victory over Welbeck's Walter Meiklem on the last.

In a topsy turvy second match, Portland's Kevin Lammie and Welbeck's Billy Hunter exchanged holes with regularity before eventually halving.

Portland stalwarts Robbie Stewart and Paul Moultrie were in fine form to both see off their opponents - Joe Gilligan and Hugh Burns respectively - by 5 and 4.

Warren Blair wrapped up the Portland points with a last hole victory over Del Chamberlain, while the Welbeck's consolation point went to Steven Murray with a 4 and 3 win over Fraser McCall.

With a playing membership of just 120 to choose from, Portland team captain John Duncan has now led the side to victory in two of the last three finals.He said: "We are delighted to have emerged victorious and would like to thank Welbeck for a sporting match. Thanks also go to all the members from both clubs who caddied or turned up to support their players."

Second leg details (Portland G.C. names first)

Alistair Nicol beat Walter Meiklem 1 up
Kevin Lammie halved with Billy Hunter
Robbie Stewart beat Joe Gilligan 5 and 4
Paul Moultrie beat Hugh Burns 5 and 4
Warren Blair beat Del Chamberlain 1 up
Fraser McCall lost to Steven Murray 4 and 3


Anonymous said...

could you please clarifiy ayrshire's position on GPS and laser measuring devices for use in ayrshire competitions.
With many clubs in ayshire including my own now following the R and A advice to allow these devices to be used in competition, with a local rule i was wondering if, when ayrshire was going to follow suit.
Thanks Gareth Lamb. Bogside

AJM said...


GPS are not permitted in Ayrshire events.

The R & A do not recommend the use of these devices. The rules of golf do not allow the use of measuring devices although the rules do allow for competition organisers to introduce a local rule or rule of competition to allow their use in events.

If such a local rule is not in existence for the specific event and the rules of competition are silent then the Rules Of Golf as specified in the rule book apply (IE no measuring devices).

The Ayrshire position at this stage is, like almost all other counties, to follow the lead of the national association (The SGU) in not permitting their use in competitions.

This position will of course always be under review and may change in the future. The matter will indeed be discussed at the forthcoming Area Secretaries meeting on Friday 27 March 2009.

It may have been more helpful if the R & A had come out with a more definitive decision rather thanthe halfway house we have at present, however until the next rules revision 2012 the position re the rules is as stated.

Should there be any shift in opinion within the counties, or indeed at a national level, then this will be widely advertised at relevant events.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks for the clarification