Friday, May 28, 2021

AYRSHIRE FOURBALL CHAMPIONSHIP - First round matches due for completion by the 30th of May

The remaining first round matches in the 2021 Ayrshire Fourball Championship are due to be completed by Sunday 30th of May.

A number of pairings have booked their second round places recently. 

The updated draw with recent results added is:-

1st Round

2nd Round

Played By:- 30th May 2021

Played By:- 27th June 2021


CAPRINGTON (M Smith & C Muldoon)

CAPRINGTON (M Smith & C Muldoon)

DRONGAN (J Kelly & S Watt)

DRONGAN (J Kelly & S Watt)

ROUTENBURN (D Wilson & R Tweedie)

IRVINE1 (J Brennan & A McLaughlan)

IRVINE (J Brennan & A McLaughlan)
2 + 1

LOUODUN (S Gilchrist & A Gilchrist)

PR. ST CUTHBERT (P Donnely & T McAlinden)

AYR CARRICK (J Cowan & G Blane)

AYR CARRICK 1 (J Cowan & G Blane)

KILBIRNIE PLACE 1 (G Johnstone & A Chesney)

KILBIRNIE PL. (G Johnstone & A Chesney)

AYR SEAFIELD (F McNeillie & G Wilson)

TAM O SHANTER (A Gray & S Smith)


GLACIER 1 (J Wylie & T Gibson)

ABBOTSFORD (R Connor & J Cunningham)

GLACIER 2 (S Kirk & C Steele)

GLACIER 2 (S Kirk & C Steele)

PORTMANN (M Hunter & G Bole)

PORTMANN (M Hunter & G Bole)

TROON MERCHANTS (S Gwynne & G Wilson)

AYR BELLEISLE (A McFarlane & E Armstrong)

AUCHENHARVIE 88 (S Turner & W Bark)

AUCHENHARVIE 88 (S Turner & W Bark) 2/1

THE CHASE (D Connor & D Beattie)

ANNANHILL (T Wilson & D Bolland)

ANNANHILL (T Wilson & D Bolland)

BALLOCHMYLE 2 (J Rankin & D McMurdo)

BALLOCHMYLE (J Rankin & D McMurdo)

DOON VALLEY 2 (S Bunyan & J Bunyan)

KILBIRNIE PLACE 2 (R Logan & A Scott)

STEWARTON (A Stewart & A Stewart Jr)

STEWARTON (A Stewart & A Stewart Jr.)

ARDEER 2 (F Grant & H Wales) 20th

ARDEER (F Grant & H Wales)

ALTON (K O'Neill & M Blakely)

TROON ST MEDDANS (B Lawson & S Pennington)

TROON ST MEDDANS (B lawson & S Pennington)

IRVINE RAVENSPARK (J Abercrombie & C Craig)

PR. ST NICHOLAS (M Meney & G Wilson)


CAPRINGTON 1 (A Gibson & R Coubrough)

LARGS (A Haynes & N Gibson)


TROON PORTLAND (B Wilson & F McCall)

BALLOCHMYLE 1 (C Borthwick & B Scott)

BALLOCHMYLE (C Borthwick & B Scott)

DOON VALLEY 1 (R McGuckin & L McGuckin)

BRAEHEAD 1 (B Hughes & L Cuthbert)

NEW CUMNOCK (J Scott & J Morrison)

NEW CUMNOCK (J Scott & J Morrison)

ROWALLAN CASTLE (D Parsons & M Gallagher)



ARDEER 1 (H Hamilton & S Brown)

ARDEER (H Hamilton & S Brown)

AYR CARRICK 2 (S Gray & S McNeil)

AYR DALMILLING (S Thorburn & S Thorburn)


MOORPARK (R Cruickshanks & D Gilmour)

IRVINE 2 (D McPeake & A Raeside)


REDBURN (J Hunter & M McLelland)

KIL. BARASSIE (R Wood & G McKie)


GIRVAN (M McMaster & S Johnson)


SKELMORLIE (B Pollock & S Riddell)



NB PARKSTONE (C Wallace & G Jess)



MUIRKIRK (J Arlow & H Moorhead)



MALLETSHEUGH (J Cairney & M Savage)



KIL. BARASSIE 2 (J Milligan & D Lindsay)



CROSSHOUSE (C Stevenson & A McConnell)



WEST KILBRIDE (M Cowan & D Robertson0



TROON WELBECK (D McEwan & A Young)



BRAEHEAD 2 (E Gilmour & S Holland)



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