Sunday, October 22, 2017

GOLF COURSE CLOSURES - Is Maybole next ?

Following the recent confirmation from South Ayrshire Council that there are plans being discussed to close Ayr Dalmilling golf course and replace it with housing and a public park, there are real fears that the local authority in South Ayrshire now have Maybole golf course in their sights for closure also.

The 9 hole course in the Carrick town is situated, along with the war memorial, the local swimming pool and outdoor bowling green, in the memorial park in the middle of the town, and it is understood that there are meeting scheduled this coming week to 'discuss the future' of both the golf course and the swimming pool in the town.

Maybole golf course has a long and successful history in the local golf scene, particularly in junior golf with teams from the club based there featuring regularly in Ayrshire Junior Golf league finals in the 1970's, 80's and 90's.

The threatened closure of two of South Ayrshire's eight municipal courses would be a huge blow to golf in the area, and would affect many of the member clubs of The Association attached to the two courses, and indeed those clubs attached to the other six courses who would no doubt suffer a knock on affect from an increased number of players chasing tee times at peak periods.

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Anonymous said...

SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL GOLF COURSES...what are the long term plans of the council?
If Maybole Golf Course is next on the target to be sold/closed for housing development(after Dalmilling which is already firmly in the developers sights!!!) what is to stop Troon or Belleisle being next to be put up for sale for housing or to potential private golf clubs or hotel companies...?
There is already plans proposed for housing alongside the 3rd hole at Troon this the thin edge of the wedge for saying goodbye to municipal golf in South Ayrshire?
Perhaps the recent redevelopment of Belleisle & Troon clubhouses was just to make the facilities more attractive to potential purchasers or developers???