Sunday, April 22, 2007

AYRSHIRE GOLF ASSOCIATION - Shanks is 2007 Strokeplay Champion

John Shanks (Irvine) - pictured right - won the Ayrshire Strokeplay Championship at West Kilbride on Sunday 22 April, his three under par total of 136 giving him a one stroke victory over Kevin Fergusson (Prestwick St. Cuthbert)

Shanks , the 2006 Ayrshire Boys Champion, became only the 4th player in 54 years to follow a win in the Boys Strokeplay with victory in the senior Strokeplay event, following Billy Lockie (boys 1961 & 1965 & senior 1968), Leslie Crawford (boys 1963 & senior 1975,1983, 1985 & 1990) & Brian Aitken (boys 1972 & senior 1997).

Shanks posted his early intention, being firt round leader on one under par 71, one shot ahead of Darren Mallinson (Ravenspark) & defending champion Steven McEwan (Caprington), with Brian Moore (Largs), Gareth Lamb (Irvine) and Kevin Fergusson (St. Cuthbert) one shot further back on 72.

In the afternoon, the early target was set by Mallinson, a second successive 71 giving him a level par total of 142. Mallinsons total was soon equalled by host club player Barry Crawford, an afternoon 68, three under par being added to his morning 74, also for 142.

With scoring generally lower in the afternoon, a number of player edged into the 140’s, with Ramsay Milligan (Welbeck), with a best of the day 67 in the afternoon, coming up one short of the leaders on 143.

Ian Walker (Turnberry) also posted an under par afternoon round but his one under par 70 was two short of the 142 leading score, whilst defending champion Steven McEwan saw his grasp on the trophy slip with an afternoon 72 for 143.

Morning leader Shanks was in the penultimate group alongside Kevin Fergusson and the pair had quite a tussle in the afternoon, Fergusson getting the better of Shanks by one stroke in the afternoon although his three under par 68 gave him a total of 140, just a single shot behind his playing partner and title winner John Shanks.

At the conclusion of play, Ayrshire Golf Association President Ricky Magee (Caprington) presented prizes to the first 6 placed players.

CSS for the morning round was 72 ( + 1) and for the afternoon was 71 ( 0)

Full results

139 J. Shanks (Irvine) 70/69
140 K. Fergusson (St. Cuthbert) 72/68
142 Crawford (West Kilbride) 74/68, D. Mallinson (Ravenspark) 71/71
143 R. Milligan (Welbeck) 76/67, S. McEwan 71/72
144 S. Murray (Welbeck) 74/70, I. Walker (Turnberry) 74/70
145 T. McInally (Loudoun) 76/69, B. Campbell (Ballochmyle) 75/70,
R. McKnight (Barassie) 74/71
146 B. Moore (Largs) 72/74
147 A. Kent (Welbeck) 73/74, T. Stafford (St. Meddans) 76/71
148 G. Lamb (Irvine) 72/76
149 C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle) 75/74, C. Adams (Ardeer) 74/75,
T. Loy (Ballochmyle) 74/75, M. Pennycott (Whiting Bay) 73/76
150 J. Mackay ((Barassie) 77/73, J. Callaghan (Largs) 75/75,
P. Denim (Loudoun) 75/75
151 D. Chamberlain (Welbeck) 81/70, A. McLean (Kilbirnie) 78/73,
S. Pennington (St. Meddans) 78/73, G. Dobbie (St. Meddans) 77/74,
W. Meiklen (Welbeck)
152 T. Fraser (Annanhill) 77/75, S. Spence (Irvine) 76/76
153 K. Fairley (Irvine) 79/74, S. McCahill (Maybole) 79/74,
G. Higgins (Largs) 74/79, G. Gimson (St. Cuthbert) 75/78
154 G. Cochran (Ravenspark) 80/74
155 P. Quigley (Western Gailes) 80/75, I. Brown (West Kilbride) 80/75,
D. Macdonald (Largs) 79/76, A. Brown (West Kilbride) 75/80
S. McBlain (St. Cuthbert) 82/73K. Hankinson (Welbeck) 83/72
157 Gibson (Ravenspark) 79/78
158 C. Kerr (Largs) 79/79, F. Lawrie (Largs) 82/76
160 A. Campbell (Ballochmyle) 83/77, F. Henderson (Welbeck) 74/86
161G. Neil (Caprington) 83/78
163 D. Moore (Largs) 82/81
164 S. King (St. Nicholas) 83/81

No Returns – G. Robertson (Ravensaprk), P. Bond (Ravenspark), K. Houston (Welbeck), A. Graham (Largs), A. Walker (St. Meddans), D. Booth (Turnberry), F. Drum (St. Meddans)

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