Monday, July 05, 2010

AYRSHIRE SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP - Draw for West Kilbride event

The draw has been made for the 2010 Ayrshire Seniors Championship, to be held at West Kilbride Golf Club on Tuesday 20th July.

Ronnie Young (Irvine) - pictured right with Sandy Provan - returns to defend the Sandy Provan Trophy which goes to the player returning the best nett score of the day, whilst there will also be prizes for the best scratch score and best net scores in three age group categories.


0900 - GD Spence (Irvine), A Todd (Loudoun), WC Lowe (W Kilbride)
0910 - A Cameron (Largs), K Brown (Ravenspark), J Craig (Loudoun)
0920 - RJ Bruce (Barassie), D Muir (Loudoun), FJ Crawford (W Kilbride)
0930 - T McClements (Troon Merchants), J Dickson (Largs), A partridge (Irvine)
0940 - W Dow (Largs), J Waddell (Barassie), R Young (Irvine)
0950 - F Hannan (Ravenspark), GJW Davidson (Loudoun), D Miller (W Kilbride)
1000 - A Kerr (Largs), M Wieppenaar (Loudoun), W Lawrence (W Kilbride)
1010 - B Ninian (Largs), JC Richardson (Caprington)< C Simpson (Ravenspark)
1020 - K Thom (St Cuthbert), C Greer (W Kilbride), A Muir (Caprington)
1030 - W Kerr (Ravenspark), L Wilkie (W Kilbride), I Cowell (Annanhill)
1040 - A Neil (Ravenspark), G Robertson (W Kilbride), J McCluskey (Tam O Shanter)
1050 - R Potts (Ravenspark), J Devlin (W Kilbride), S Cox (Loudoun)
1100 - C McGregor (Ravenspark), T Miller (W Kilbride), W McMahon (Irvine)
1110 - A Kilpatrick (Ravenspark), RS Arthur (W Kilbride), A Zavaroni (Loudoun)
1120 - R McLean (Tam O Shanter), S Butchart (W Kilbride), T Baird (Caprington)
1130 - D McMahon (Welbeck), A McAllister (Annanhill), G Millard (Ravenspark)
1140 - R Harrison (Caprington), J Byrne (W Kilbride), T McKay (Annanhill)
1150 - G Harrison (Caprington), J McFarlane (Ravenspark), N Black (Annanhill)
1200 - D Love (W Kilbride), C McMurtrie (Annanhill), J Bothwell (Ravenspark)
1210 - JW Muir (Caprington), F Simmons (Largs)

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