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LADIES' AND GIRLS' HOME INTERNATIONALS - Ayrshire players perform well at Little Aston

Ayrshire players performed well in the Ladies’ and Girls’ Home International matches which took place at Little Aston GC last week.

 In the Ladies matches, Scotland finished in third place behind winners Ireland and second placed England, when they beat Wales in their final match of the series after losing on the opening two days.

Connie Jaffrey
Ayrshire’s Connie Jaffrey (Troon Ladies) lost in both the foursomes and the singles on the opening day but in the following two days, playing only in the singles, she took one and a half points from two.

On day one, Scotland narrowly lost to Ireland 5 – 4.

Match details (Ireland names first):-

Maria Dunne & Julie McCarthy beat Eilidh Briggs & Chloe Goadby 3&1
Annabel Wilson & Mairead Martin beat Connie Jaffrey & Clara Young 4&3
Paula Grant & Ciara Casey lost to Shannon McWilliam & Hannah McCook 1 hole
Paula Grant beat Connie Jaffrey 2&1
Annabel Wilson beat Gemma Batty 4&2
Julie McCarthy lost to​ Eilidh Briggs 2 holes
Chloe Ryan halved with Hannah McCook
Mairead Martin lost to Chloe Goadby 4​&3​​​​​
Maria Dunne halved with Shannon McWilliam

On the second day Scotland suffered defeat to England by 5.5 – 3.5

Match details (England names first):-

S Lamb and G Clews beat E Briggs and C Goadby 2 and 1.
E Allen and R Morris beat C Young and G Batty 1 hole.
L Bailey and I Clyburn lost to H McCook and S McWilliam 2 and 1.
Bailey beat McCook 1 hole.
Clews lost to C Jaffrey 3 and 2.
Lamb beat Young 2 and 1.
O Winning lost to Batty 1 hole.
Morris beat McWilliam 2 and 1.
Clyburn halved with Goadby.

On the final day Scotland beat wales 6.5 - 2.5 to take third place overall.

Match details (Wales names first):-

K O'Connor and J Ryan lost to H McCook and S McWilliam 3 and 2.
M Lockett and O Kelly lost to E Briggs and C Goadby 4 and 3.
G Lewis and B Morris halved with C Young and G Batty.
O'Connor halved with C Jaffrey.
Ryan lost to McCook 6 and 4.
Morris lost to Briggs 7 and 5.
Lockett halved with McWilliam.
Kelly lost to Batty 3 and 2.
Lewis beat Goadby 2 and 1.

At the end of the series, Ireland retained the Home International title ahead of England, Scotland and Wales.
Hazel McGarvie
Louise Duncan
In the Girl’s matches, also played at Little Aston, Scotland also lost on the first two days before beating wales on the final day to secure third place behind England and Ireland.

Of the Ayrshire players in the Scotland team, Hazel McGarvie (Troon Ladies) played in all three foursomes and all three singles, securing three points from the six available.

Louise Duncan (West Kilbride) played in all three foursomes and one singles tie, securing two points from a possible four.

On the opening day, Ireland beat Scotland 6 – 3.

Match details (Ireland names first)

​​Valerie Clancy & Sara Byrne beat Hazel McGarvie & Jillian Farrell 1 hole
Lauren Walsh & Beth Coulter lost to Louise Duncan & Hannah Darling 2&1
Rachel Thompson & Maeve Rooney beat Kirsty Brodie & Molly Richmond 4&3
Lauren Walsh lost to Hazel McGarvie 2 holes
Beth Coulter halved with Jillian Farrell
Sara Byrne halved with Hanna Darling
Valerie Clancy beat Jasmine Mackintosh 1 hole
Emma Forbes beat Louise Duncan 4&2
Rachel Thompson beat Molly Richmond 1 hole

On the second day Scotland lost to England 7 – 2.

Match details (Scotland names first):-

H McGarvie and J Farrell lost to H Muse and S Fuller 5 and 3.
L Duncan and H Darling lost to H Screen and M Lewis 5 and 3.
M Richmond and K Brodie beat L-M Humphreys and E Price 3 and 1.
McGarvie lost to Muse 4 and 2.
Farrell lost to Humphreys 4 and 3.
Darling lost to Price 5 and 3.
J Mackintosh beat Lewis 3 and 1.
Brodie lost to Screen 4 and 3.
Richmond lost to Fuller 1 hole.

On the final day, Scotland beat Wales 6.5-2.5 to finish third overall.

Match details (Wales names first):-

C Worby and F Tynan lost to H McGarvey and J Mackintosh 3 and 2.
C Evans-Brand and F Vineall lost to J Farrell and L Duncan 2 and 1.
L-A Bramwell and L Jones halved with M Richmond and K Brodie.
Jones lost to McGarvie 5 and 3.
Evans lost to Mackintosh 2 and 1.
Tynan lost to H Darling 3 and 1.
Evans-Brand beat Farrell 2 and 1.
Bramwell lost to Duncan 3 and 1.
Worby beat Brodie 6 and 4.

England won the 2017 Girl’s Home Internationals series ahead of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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