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BOY'S HOME INTERNATIONALS - Broun performs well at St Annes Old Links.

Jack Broun
Jack Broun (Ayr Belleisle) performed well in the Boy’s Home Internationals at St Annes Old Links last week, despite Scotland finishing in last place overall in the series.

Broun played in all three foursome ties and all three singles, winning four points out of a possible six, and finishing the series with a 100% win record in his singles ties.

On the opening day Scotland drew 7.5-7.5 with Ireland

Match details (Scotland names first):-

E McIntosh and D Howie lost to M Power and J Hearn 2 holes.'
M Watt and J Broun lost to R Black and R Moran 4 and 2.
C Scott and A O'Hagan beat J Brady and E Murphy 2 and 1.
J Paterson and C Gibson beat J Doherty and C Denvir 2 holes.
C Bruce and L Irvine lost to C Raymond and R Kelly 2 and 1.
Howie lost to Power 1 hole.
McIntosh beat Hearn 5 and 4.
Watt lost to Black 4 and 2.
Bruce beat Brady 3 and 2.
Gibson lost to A Marshall 3 and 1.
G Dalziel beat Murphy 4 and 3
Scott lost to Moran 6 and 5.
Broun beat Doherty 1 hole.
Irvine beat Denvir 4 and 2.
Paterson halved with Raymond.

On the second day against Wales, Scotland were leading 6 – 3 but suffered a late collapse in the singles which culminated in an 8.5 - 6.5 defeat in the match.  

Match details (Scotland names first):-

D Howie and E McIntosh lost to L Harries and G Bryant 3 and 2.
J Broun and M Watt beat S Davies and T Matthews 2 and 1.
J Paterson and C Gibson lost to B Hicks and T Froom 3 and 2.
C Scott and A O'Hagan beat J Ashfield and J Cade 2 and 1.
L Irvine and G Dalziel halved with A Greville and H Fraser.
Howie halved with Harries.
McIntosh beat Bryant 1 hole.
Scott beat Froom 2 and 1.
Broun beat Davies 2 and 1.
Gibson lost to Matthews 2 and 1.
Watt lost to Hicks 3 and 1.
O'Hagan halved with Frazer.
Dalziel lost to T Peet 2 and 1.
Irvine lost to Cade 1 hole.
Paterson lost to Greville 2 and 1.

On the final day, Scotland lost narrowly to England by 8 – 7, which allowed England to retain the Home Internationals title from Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Match details (England names first):-

C Strickland and T Briggs beat E McIntosh and D Howie 4 and 3.
B Jones and J Pagdin beat C Bruce and J Broun 4 and 3.
C Gough and R Williams beat J Paterson and C Gibson 2 hols.
T Plump and A Fitzpatrick lost to C Scott and A O'Hagan 1 hole.
J Cope and D Daniels beat L Irvine and G Dalziel 3 and 2.
Briggs beat Howie 2 and 1.
Strickland beat McIntosh 1 hole.
Jones lost to Bruce 4 and 2.
Pagdin lost to Broun 1 hole.
Williams lost to Scott 1 hole.
Gough beat O'Hagan 3 and 1.
Fitzpatrick beat Dalziel 4 and 3.
Plump lost to Watt 3 and 2.
H Goddard lost to Irvine 2 and 1.

Cope lost to Paterson 4 and 3.

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