Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BELLEISLE OPEN - Spaces still available for Sunday

There are still a few places remaining for the Belleisle Open, sponsored by D.W. Shaw Solicitors, this Sunday, 27th July.
There are prizes for the first four places in scratch, 1st and 2nd class, and either nearest the pin or longest drive prizes on every hole for both classes.
Entry fee is £10 and late entries are available by telephoning
Robert Morrison (07708 861569)
Kevin Boyd (07900 050496)

Belleisle Open Sponsored by DW Shaw with Park's Honda
Sunday 27 July 2014    
7.00 D Bentley Ayr Belleisle
7.00 W McMillan Ayr Belleisle
7.00 J McMillan Ayr Belleisle
7.08 R Carson Ayr Belleisle
7.08 H Russell Ayr Belleisle
7.08 M Kennedy Tam O'Shanter
7.16 D Campbell Ayr Belleisle
7.16 S Green Ayr Carrick
7.16 H Anderson Ayr Belleisle
7.24 J Sloan Doon Valley
7.24 J McPherson Tam O'Shanter
7.24 W Murray P'wick St Cuthbert
7.32 J Graham Doon Valley
7.32 F Green P'wick St Cuthbert
7.32 B Thomson Tam O'Shanter
7.40 D Sloan Doon Valley
7.40 G McCall Ayr Belleisle
7.40 M Mulholland Doon Valley
7.48 C Pettigrew Doon Valley
7.48 S Phillips Loudoun
7.48 B Harbison Loudoun
7.56 I Conway K'nock Barassie
7.56 G Ferguson Troon Welbeck
7.56 R Martin Ayr Carrick
8.04 R Innes Ayr Belleisle
8.04 R McGuire Ayr Belleisle
8.04 C Merry Tam O'Shanter
8.12 C Park Ayr Carrick
8.12 B Kerr Tam O'Shanter
8.12 B McTaggart Ayr Carrick
8.20 D McPherson Ayr Belleisle
8.20 D McPherson(2) Tam O'Shanter
8.20 G McKay West Kilbride
8.28 H Reid Ayr Carrick
8.28 R Scullion Ayr Belleisle
8.28 W Bell New Cumnock
8.36 C Hume Ayr Belleisle
8.36 R Eccles Maybole
8.36 Sponsor  
8.44 S Kennedy Ayr Belleisle
8.44 A Dunsmore Ayr Belleisle
8.44 N Tindall Tam O'Shanter
8.52 K Hamilton Ayr Belleisle
8.52 S Ryan Ayr Belleisle
8.52 D Brown Ayr Belleisle
9.00 D Low  
9.00 Sponsor  
9.00 Sponsor  
9.08 S Shannon Girvan
9.08 W McClymont Girvan
9.08 C Nichol Renfrew
9.16 J Cavens Tam O'Shanter
9.16 D McKay Tam O'Shanter
9.16 S McKay Tam O'Shanter
9.24 A Gray Tam O'Shanter
9.24 S Mitchell Ayr Belleisle
9.24 J Gillon Tam O'Shanter
9.32 F Rigby K'nock Barassie
9.32 C Robertson P'wick St Nicholas
9.32 C Rigby P'wick St Nicholas
9.40 M Gibson Troon Welbeck
9.40 L Addie Ayr Belleisle
9.40 D Duff Ayr Belleisle
9.48 R Cowan Troon Welbeck
9.48 N Angus Ayr Belleisle
9.48 D Dalton Ayr Belleisle
9.56 S Hannah Ayr Belleisle
9.56 I Alexander Girvan
9.56 G Bilsland Ayr Belleisle
10.04 L McGuckin Doon Valley
10.04 S Bell Ayr Belleisle
10.04 I McKenzie Saxone
10.12 S Armitage Old Ranfurly
10.12 G McKenzie Saxone
10.12 M Treacy Cochrane Castle
10.20 D Drennan Ayr Belleisle
10.20 J Wilson  
10.20 M Dalton Bury
10.28 J Phillips Ayr Belleisle
10.28 E Farrow Ayr Belleisle
10.28 B McGuckin Doon Valley
10.36 N Sands Annanhill
10.36 A Connell Ayr Belleisle
10.36 G Smith Doon Valley
10.44 D Reid K'nock Barassie
10.44 R Anderson Loudoun
10.44 M Stevenson Prestwick
10.52 V Sproat Ayr Belleisle
10.52 J Copeland Ayr Belleisle
10.52 D Huxtable P'wick St Nicholas
11.00 D Lewis Ayr Belleisle
11.00 A Boyd P'wick St Nicholas
11.00 L Kirkwood Maybole
11.08 D Gemmell Ayr Belleisle
11.08 J Sykes Ayr Belleisle
11.08 J McSorley Pontoon
11.16 D Wight Lochmaben
11.16 C Stewart Lochmaben
11.16 P Lawlor Ayr Belleisle
11.24 J Gourlay Ayr Belleisle
11.24 K Nairn Lochmaben
11.24 JJ Graham Lochmaben
11.32 C Duncan Lochmaben
11.32 D Hollingworth Ayr Belleisle
11.32 D Cumming Ayr Belleisle
11.40 D Nairn Lochmaben
11.40 S Prendergast Tam O'Shanter
11.40 S Robson Lochmaben
11.48 R Calderwood Tam O'Shanter
11.48 B Nairn Lochmaben
11.48 K Gimson Ayr Belleisle
11.56 K MacLeod Haggs Castle
11.56 J Smith Haggs Castle
11.56 C Handley Ayr Belleisle
12.04 M Hyslop Lochmaben
12.04 A Jess Ayr Belleisle
12.04 D Tierney Ayr Belleisle
12.12 A Currie Ayr Belleisle
12.12 E McGrath Cawder
12.12 L McGrath Carrick
12.20 I Yates Ayr Belleisle
12.20 R Long Tam O'Shanter
12.20 T Hanns Abbotsford
12.28 A Howie Ayr Belleisle
12.28 R Reilly Abbotsford
12.28 M Crigton Tam O'Shanter
12.36 M Cooper Abbotsford
12.36 M Morrison Tam O'Shanter
12.36 A McCulloch Doon Valley
12.44 N Dickson Abbotsford
12.44 A Govan Tam O'Shanter
12.44 A McHarg Ballochmyle
12.52 I Forbes Ayr Belleisle
12.52 M Crawford Ayr Belleisle
12.52 B Smith Ayr Belleisle
13.00 D Johnstone Ayr Belleisle
13.00 K Boyd Ayr Belleisle
13.00 C McCrossin Royal Troon
14.04 C Robertson Abbotsford
14.04 P Steven Ayr Belleisle
14.04 D McWilliam Sanquhar
14.12 J Halliwell Gathurst
14.12 S Halliwell Gathurst
14.12 S Mullen Ayr Belleisle
14.36 C Anderson Ayr Carrick
14.36 L West Ayr Belleisle
14.44 T Main Ayr Carrick
14.44 P Gilchrist Ayr Carrick
14.44 A McCaig Denby

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