Monday, July 17, 2023

THE AYRSHIRE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Kilmarnock Barassie pip Royal Troon to take the R.L. Crawford trophy at Prestwick GC.

Kilmarnock (Barassie) GC are the 2023 Ayrshire Club Champions after returning a two score total of 144 to edge out Royal Troon for the title, by virtue of the best third score, to win the R.L. Crawford Trophy for The first time in the 23 year history of the event.

Vice president Andy Gilligan
with the winning Kilmarnock Barassie team
Sean Addie, Sandy walker & John McCracken

Twenty member clubs were represented at the event, with the best two scratch scores from three counting towards the team score, with the third score being considered in the event of a tie.

In breezy but fine weather, the early scoring was extremely good, with several three over par 74's being posted in the first few groups, though pride of place went to Steven Stamper (Girvan), his one under par score of 70 eventually proving to be the only sub par score of the day and earning him the prize for best individual return of the day.

Turnberry set the early target with 147 with Craig Telfer (73), Scott Brown (74) and Scott Campbell (80) remaining in the lead before Royal Troon surpassed their total by three shots, with counting scores from Cameron McGarvie (73) and Michael Smyth (71). The third team member, Harvey Broadfoot, was scoring well until he came to grief at the seventeenth, losing three balls and ending with, what ultimately proved to be, a very costly no return.

As scoring gradually rose later in the day, the only real apparent challenge was likely to come from Kilmarnock Barassie, when Sandy Walker's score of 71 combined with Sean Addie's 73 saw Kilmarnock Barassie match Royal Troon's leading score of 144. Crucially the third member of the Kilmarnock Barassie team, John McCracken, dug in and returned a score of 79 which importantly gave his club the lead in the competition by virtue of the best third score.  

This proved decisive, with all the remaining challengers falling short of the 144 target, resulting in Kilmarnock Barassie taking the 2023 title.

Supporting Whiteleys
President Scott Gilchrist
& Vice president Andy Gilligan
with the Ayrshire Club Championship Trophy
There were some excellent rounds played in the championship, whilst a special mention must be recorded for the achievement Alan McLean (Kilbirnie Place) in scoring an eagle two at the 430 yard long seventh hole where he holed his second shot with an iron, for a memorable score at one of Prestwick's most testing holes.

The Association were delighted to again support the 2023 partner charity Whiteleys Retreat, with over £100 being raised from donations by competitors on the day, to support the work of the charity.

The list of main prizewinners, club team scores, and the individual scores from competitors are all listed below.

Ayrshire Golf Association

Club Championship

16 July 2023 at Prestwick GC


1 Steven STAMPER 70 Best individual scratch

2 Michael Smyth 71 

3 Louis Alberts 71 

4 Sandy Walker 71

5 Stan Morrison 71

6 Craig Telfer 73 

7 Sean Addie 73

8 Cameron McGarvie 73

9 Scott BROWN 74 

10 George J Robertson 74

11 Marc Smith 74

12 Tommy McInally 75

13 Stephen Alan Spence 76 

14 Ted Gilligan 76

15 Barry O'Rourke 77 

16 Alan McLean 77

17 Euan Stirling 78 

18 Aiden Long 78 

19 Tom Loy 78

20 Alan Kelly 78

21 Calum Nairn 78

22 Colin Goudie 78

23 Cameron Gray 79 


25 John Haggarty 79 

26 John McCracken 79

27 Gordon Wilson 80 

28 G J A Reid 80 

29 Daniel Forbes 80

30 Fraser Mccall 80 

31 Mr Jay Houston 80

32 Scott Campbell 80

33 Kris Kirk 81 

34 David Nelson 81 

35 Elliot Masterson 81 


37 Robbie MacInnes 81 

38 Jack Allan 81

39 Scott Ainsworth 82

40 Christopher Bone 83

41 Jonathan Stevenson 84 

42 Paul Giffney 84 

43 Lewis Higgins 84

44 Gavin Chesney 84

45 Stuart Pennington 84

46 William H Fleming 85

47 Neil Clapperton 87 

48 Colin Ward 87 

49 Brian Banks 87 

50 S White 87

51 Harris Fleming 88

52 J Rushbury 90

53 Alasdair Berry 96

- Harvey Broadfoot No Return

- Adam Sweeney No Return

- Steven Gillies No Return

- Scott Chesney No Return

- Scott Adams No Return

- Robbie Mcfarlane No Return

- Paul Edwards No Return

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