Thursday, October 30, 2014

CLIFF FRANCIS - Funeral arrangements

The funeral of Ayrshire Golf Association executive member Cliff Francis will take place on Wednesday 5th November at 10.00 am at Holmsford Bridge Crematorium, Dreghorn.

The association received the following message from Cliff's son, Graeme, last night :-

This is Graeme, Cliff son. My little brother Charlie, our Mum Norma and Myself were all by his side at the end. He passed away in his own bed which was his wish. The NHS a have been utterly superb this last 10 months and we can't praise them highly enough.

He absolutely loved golf, love working on the Ayrshire committee, loved refereeing matches and loved Troon Welbeck golf club.....I'm not so sure he loved his putting though!!!
The support we have had from friends since he passed has been overwhelming and a huge comfort
The cremation will at at 10am on Wednesday the 5th at Holmsford Bridge crematorium in Dreghorn with the wake at the Southbeach hotel in Troon. We will be having a donation which will be going to troon lifeboat which was our adams favourite charity to give to.

From Myself, Charlie and our mum, thank you

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