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Ayrshire have played two of their five matches in the 2010 West Of Scotland Inter County Leagues at both 'A' and Younts levels, although the present position as to the results on week one are still shrouded in confusion and await confirmation.

In the 'A' League, Ayrshire opened with a match at Brunston Castle against Glasgow on Sunday 19th September and, as in the corresponding youths match the same day, the question of Distance Measuring Devices had an influence on the match and still awaits a resolution.

Despite a decision taken by all competing counties earlier in the year that DMD's would not be permitted in the West League matches, officials of both teams erroniously agreed to allow their use at the start of the match and as a consequence members of both teams used DMD's throughout.

In the event, the match score was recorded as 7 - 3 in favour of Ayrshire.

Match details (Ayrshire names first) :-

Steven McEwan (Caprington) lost to Steven Robertson (Sandyhills) by 2&1
Euan Brown (Kilmarnock Barassie) beat John Laurie (Cowglen) by 4&3
Michael Smyth (Royal Troon) beat James Hendricks (Pollock) by 2&1
Craig Hamilton (Ballochmyle) beat Stephen Machin (Cowglen) by 7&5
Scott Brown (Turnberry) beat Graham McDougal (Bishopbriggs) by 2&1
Jamie Mackay (Kilmarnock Barassie) lost to George Crawford (Williamwood) by 2&1
Darren Mallinson (Irvine Ravenspark) beat Martin McCrory (Cathkin Braes) by 1 hole
Gary Bryden (Girvan) beat Chris Wedgeworth (Cowglen) by 2&1
Chris Bone (Loudoun) beat John McDonald (Cowglen) by 2&1
Scott Gilchrist (Loudoun) lost to Ricky Gray (Cowglen) by 1 hole


As officials from both sides, in agreement, had instructed the players in error that DMD's could be used both counties have broadly agreed that the result of the 'A' match should stand as played.

In week 2, on Sunday 26th September, Ayrshire went down narrowly by 5.5 - 4.5 at Kilmarnock (Barassie) to a strong Renfrewshire side.

Match Details (Ayrshire names first) :-

Steven McEwan (Caprington) beat Sam Binning (Ranfurly Castle) by 2 holes
Euan Brown (Kilmarnock Barassie) lost to Michael Campbell (Renfrew) by 5&3
George Robertson (Irvine Ravenspark) hlaved with Paul Alexander (Caldwell)
Michael Smyth (Royal Troon) beat Craig Watson (East Renfrewshire) by 2&1
Craig Hamilton (Ballochmyle) lost to Ronnie Clark (Erskine) by 2 holes
Jamie Mackay (Kilmarnock Barassie) beat Michael Daily (Erskine) by 3&2
John Shanks (Irvine) beat Grant Beaton (Bonnyton) by 3&1
Stephen Spence (Irvine) lost to Colin Thomson (East Renfrewshire) by 4&3
Darren Mallinson (Irvine Ravenspark) lost to Nicky Gold (Bonnyton) by 4&3
John Sloan (Tam O Shanter) lost to Davy McFarlane (Greenock) by 6&5


With the scheduled match last week against Stirlingshire being postponed, Ayrshire are back in Action on Sunday 10th October when they entertain Lanarkshire at Irvine Ravenspark, whilst the postponed match agaist Stirlingshire has been rescheduled to Sunday 24th October at Grangemouth GC.

In the corresponding youths match series, matters are not so clear, and again it is the use of DMD's that has caused some controversy.

In the opening week of matches, on Sunday 19th September, Ayrshire Youths team travelled to play Glasgow at Bishopbriggs.

In the case of this match, three Glasgow players were found to have used DMD's, in controvention of the rules, which was brought to the attention of the Glasgow officials by Ayrshire officials.

Despite efforts to clarify the result, no clear decision has been reached as the two counties involved have differing views as to how the result should be recorded, Glasgow claiming the result should stand as played (6 - 4 to Glasgow) whilst Ayrshire's view is that the three Glasgow players concerned should be disqualified (5.5 - 4.5 to Ayrshire) as directed by The Rules Of Golf.

Match results as played (Ayrshire names first) :-

Gregor MacKintosh (Girvan) lost to F Grant by 3&2
Rory Acheson (Largs Routenburn) beat J Thomson by 2&1
Malcolm Pennycott (Whiting Bay) lost to J Savage by 6&5
Craig McLaughlin (Largs) beat J Brown by 1 hole
David McLellan (Largs) beat S Weating **by 1 hole
Andrew Wright (Kilmarnock Barassie) lost to P Loughlin ** by 2 holes
Ben Gibson (Troon Welbeck) lost to C McLean by 3&1
Craig Telfer halved with N McArthur **
Graeme Ritchie (Troon Welbeck) lost to C Anderson by 2&1
Ciar Porciani Ayr Belleisle) halved with C Gray

** players who used DMD's

In the second of the series of five matches, played on Sunday 26th September, Ayrshire travelled to meet Renfrewshire at Eastwood and enjoyed a 8.5 - 1.5 win over their hosts.

Match results (Ayrshire names first) :-

Graeme Gimson (Prestwick St Cuthbert) beat A Lauder by 5&4
Malcolm Pennycott (Whiting Bay) beat A Ferguson by 8&6
Marc Smith (Troon Welbeck) beat J Alexander by 6&4
Charlie Macneal (Troon Welbeck) beat F Lauder by 4&2
David McLellan (Largs) beat D Muir by 1 hole
Andrew Wright (Kilmarnock Barassie) halved with R Dzieneck
David Wilson (Troon Welbeck) beat D Docherty by 6&4
Craig McLaughlin (Largs) beat J Binning by 3&2
Rory McKenzie (Troon Welbeck) lost to A O'Donnell by 2&1
Rory Acheson (Largs Routenburn) beat J Bradley by 1 hole


With the match against Stirlinghshire last week being postponed, the Ayrshire Youths side play again on Sunday 10th October when they travel to meet Lanarkshire at Drumpellier, whilst the postponed match against Stirlingshire will take place on Sunday 24th October at Ballochmyle.

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