Monday, April 11, 2005

AYRSHIRE STROKEPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP - Prestwick fixture attracts quality field

The 2005 Ayrshire Strokeplay Championship, to be held at Prestwick Golf Club on Sunday 24th April has attracted a capacity field of 60, with over 30 applicants being balloted out. The qualifying handicap was 2.6, the lowest for many years.

the draw for the 36 hole championship is :-

0745/1230 - A.J. Dickie (Barassie), S. Murray (Welbeck), T. McInally (Loudoun)

0752/1237 - D. Chamberlain (Welbeck), D. McInroy (Belleisle), H. Thomson (Irvine)

0800/1245 - J.T. Bunch (Prestwick), G. McInroy (Belleisle), D. McLure (Welbeck)

0807/1252 - C. Craig (Welbeck), A. Barbour (Irvine), R.A. Bunch (Prestwick)

0815/1300 - B. Fairgrieve (Irvine), R. Wills (Welbeck), G. Cochran (Ravenspark)

0822/1307 - K. Fairley (Irvine), G. Johnston (Royal Troon), J. Siliky (Welbeck)

0830/1315 - K. Hankinson (Welbeck), M. Anderson (Irvine), C. Harkins (Belleisle)

0837/1322 - G. McKinnon (Corrie), J.W. Milligan (Barassie), D. McLelland (Ravenspark)

0845/1330 - S. Wallace (St. Cuthbert), B. Moore (Largs), J. Cairney (Ravenspark)

0852/1337 - D. Glass (St. Cuthbert), G. Robertson (Ravenspark), B. Fisher (Largs)

0900/1345 - I. Yates (Belleisle), S. McBlain (St. Cuthbert), K. Lammie (Portland)

0907/1400 - I. Walker (Brunston C.), G. McCall (Largs), S. Wilson (Irvine)

0915/1407 - S. Robin (St. Nicholas), M. Stewart (Welbeck), D. Mallinson (Ravenspark)

0922/1415 - P. Bond (Ravenspark), N. Sinclair (Barassie), G. Lamb (Irvine)

0930/1422 - F. McCall (Portland), J. Murchie (Lamlash), I.A. Guthrie (Ballochmyle)

0937/1430 - P. Denim (Loudoun), A. Macfarlane (Irvine), J. Sloan (Doon Valley)

0945/1445 - G. Lawrie (St. Nicholas), J. Spiers (Annanhill), N. Black (Barassie)

0952/1452 - R. Stewart (Portland), A. Gourlay (Irvine), C. Hamilton (Ballochmyle)

1000/1500 - D. McKinnon (Ballochmyle), D.R. Nicol (Portland), T. Fraser (Annanhill)

1007/1507 - D. Addison (Barassie), J. Callaghan (Largs), A. McLean (Kilbirnie)

1015/1515 - S. McEwan (Barassie), I. Brown (West Kilbride), A. Huxtable (St. Nicholas)

1022/1522 - A. Leggate (Barassie), B. O'Rourke (Kilbirnie), C. McLauchlin (Largs)

1030/1530 - G. Tierney (St. Nicholas), D. Strachan (Turnberry), R. McKnight (Barassie)

The players returning the best 16 scratch aggregate scores will progress to contest the Ayrshire Matchplay Championship at Prestwick St. Cuthbert from 2nd to 5th May.

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