Monday, January 13, 2020

COURSE RATING - Ayrshire seeking volunteers to assist

The Ayrshire Golf association is seeking volunteers to assist in the servicing of the Course Rating Scheme on the courses throughout the county.

For some background on the Course rating Scheme, the Ayrshire Golf Association's team leader Mike Hazlewood has provided the information below.


Ayrshire Golf Association require a minimum of four Course Rating personnel to calculate Standard Scratch Scores and Slope Indices for all courses that are used for Qualifying competitions in the County. 

What is Course Rating?
Course Rating is a core service that is provided to all golf clubs affiliated to Scottish Golf.
The process determines the playing difficulty of a golf course for a scratch golfer under normal course and weather conditions.

It is expressed as a Standard Scratch Score (SSS) and a Slope Index which is provided for all sets of tees from which qualifying competitions are played.

The SSS and Slope Index is also the cornerstone of the current and coming soon the new World Handicapping System based on the performance of the field within each qualifying competition. 
How is the Standard Scratch Score and Slope Index Calculated?

The USGA Course Rating System is used to determine the SSS and Slope Index. It is very objective in nature taking into account all the factors that affect the playing difficulty of a course. It requires numerous specific measurements to be taken on each hole of the golf course, which assists in the consistency of application by course rating teams.

The system is designed to differentiate playing difficulty of all courses relative to each other, which requires a consistent application by all course rating teams.

The USGA Course Rating System takes account of the actual measured length of a golf course, factors that can affect the playing length and other challenges that influence the playing difficulty of each hole (obstacle factors).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Course Rating Team please contact me at   Full training will be given by both Ayrshire authorised and qualified Course Rating members and also Scottish Golf.

Mike Hazlewood – SGL Course Rating Team Leader

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