Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MYGOLFRANKING - Info sent to member clubs on national Handicap Order Of Merit scheme

The Ayrshire Golf Association this week sent member clubs information on MyGolfRanking, a free service which allows clubs to take establish a Handicap Order OF Merit scheme, whilst also feeding into a national Handicap Order Of Merit system for their members.

A letter of introduction was emailed to all  club secretaries this week, along with a draft letter for members, should any club wish to sign up for the scheme, which has been established for two years after an initial pilot project in Fife in 2011, and presently involves 350 golf clubs worldwide.

The service is free and will appeal to competitive golfers within clubs.

In the constant battle to attract and retain members, every little extra benefit can help, and MyGolfRanking would allow your club’s handicap golfers to assess their form and improvement against others in their club, region, country, or even around the world, drawing on the same mathematical brainpower behind The R&A/USGA World Amateur Golf Ranking system.

All clubs in Ayrshire can register free via MyGolfRanking takes care of everything else via agreements with leading club management systems that will allow club results to be uploaded directly to their system with virtually no work on the part of club staff or officials, and at no cost.

Each club has a dedicated home page on the website, where members can check how they’re faring against others locally, regionally, nationally or globally, with extensive use of Facebook and Twitter bringing the whole experience alive.
Feedback suggests many participating clubs are reporting increased numbers playing in competitions, and that three-quarters of clubs feel it has provided a tangible extra benefit to their membership offering. 

Of the many advantages cited by MyGolfRanking, the following five are perhaps the most eye-catching for clubs:

Little extra work for club officials and no financial outlay for clubs.
Incentive for more members to enter competitions and increase footfall at the club.
Sustains interest in competition golf throughout the year thus increasing revenue.
Chance for a member to be club, regional or national Handicap Player of the Year.
Provides an excellent qualifying medium for end-of-season or matchplay competitions.

There is also potential to promote special offers internally via your club’s MyGolfRanking home page, and externally via a dedicated offers / promotions section on the MyGolfRanking website.

Any club wishing to register can do so on,

If any of the member clubs have not received the email from The Ayrshire Golf Association containing the two letters referred to, they should contact the Area Secretary who will forward details.

A link to the MyGolfRanking website has been added to the left of this page, under the 'results' heading.

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